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Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions

How does Once work?

Once introduces you to up to four matches a day. Then you both have 24 hours to form an opinion. If you like each other, a chat window will open and you can write to each other for as long as you want

How are the matches selected?

The matches of the day are selected by an AI-based matchmaking algorithm. The AI ​​examines account information, dating preferences, and previous history to find the best possible match. Users can also rate each individual profile so that AI can better understand their tastes.

It focuses on the active users (last online 48 hours or less) and uses all of the available profile information of each user to provide the best possible matches.

One of the most important factors is proximity. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that nobody is available near you or on that day. In these cases, we'd rather suggest someone a little further away than suggest anyone. This may seem a bit surprising at first, but we've heard some long-distance relationships success stories!

Please understand our aim to propose the perfect match that both parties love. That means, if your profile matches your soulmate's preferences, we'll suggest you as a Daily Match!

Do I have to pay for the app?

No! You can download Once for free and we will propose a free match to you every day at 12 noon, selected by our matchmaking algorithm. If your lucky partner likes you again within 24 hours, you can chat with them indefinitely and for free.

There are also various premium functions available for the real Casanovas, with which you can win even more hearts for yourself. You can use this with our crowns.

What is Match Quality and why should I improve it?

By evaluating profiles, you improve your “match quality”. The higher the “match quality”, the better our matchmaking algorithm's idea of ​​your perfect match. The profiles shown here are real one-time users, but are not necessarily within your suitable radius.

Other members cannot see how you rated them. However, if you rate a profile with five stars, you are signaling our matchmaking algorithm that you would like to be matched with such profiles. If you suspect that one of the profiles shown is an offensive or wrong account, you can simply report it to us by clicking the ‘!’ Symbol.

Profiles are rated from one to five stars, with one being the lowest. With five stars, you tell our matchmaking algorithm that you want to match such profiles. By tapping the "!" Can you report an offensive or suspected bogus profile? Be a little careful with this option, profiles can be really pretty and real :)

How can I add or delete pictures?

You can add or delete pictures by clicking on the camera next to your profile picture in your profile. To change the order of your pictures, hold your finger on the photo for two seconds and then drag it to the desired location.

Please note that the app must have access to your pictures if you want to upload photos from your mobile phone.

What requirements do my photos have to meet?

Once is a reputable dating app. For this reason, we ask our users to upload at least two appropriate photos of themselves in which you and your entire face can be clearly recognized.

The following types of photos are not accepted:

  • Blurry photos
  • Photos in which you are not recognizable (e.g. wearing sunglasses)
  • Nude photos
  • Photos with firearms
  • Photos that have no clear relationship with you or your hobbies
How can I change my location?

You can change your location at any time by going to your profile, tapping the pencil next to your location and entering the new location. Once you've set a location, it shouldn't change. However, if you are not at your location for a long time, we will ask you if you want to update your current location.

If you travel a lot or stay outside of your home town, you should check your location settings in the app so that you get the right matches.

How can I change my name or gender?

Mistakes are human and sometimes incorrect information is provided during the registration process. Because of this, you can change your gender yourself within the first 24 hours. We then allow a one-time change of name or gender, which must be carried out by our Once employees. Please send the corresponding change request to and we can carry it out for you.

The login does not work because my phone number is already in use?

If this message appears, you already have an account with Once, which is linked to a different email address or to a different Facebook account. To regain access to your profile, you need to log in the same way you originally registered. (With the same email address or with the same Facebook account)

If you can't remember the email address, send us your phone number to [email protected] We can then check your profile.

How do I deactivate my account?

When the account is deactivated, your profile will be removed from the matching process and your account will be temporarily closed. To do this, go to settings, scroll all the way down and select the option “Deactivate my account”. Your profile can then no longer be seen by anyone and you will not be suggested to new people. You can then reactivate your account at any time. Your previous connections and your history will be restored, unless the other person has terminated the connection in the meantime.

How can I permanently delete my account instead of just deactivating it?

If you want to permanently delete your account, send us a message with your phone number, your email address or your Facebook email address so that we can find your profile. Please note that all suggestions and all profile data will be lost and this action cannot be undone.

And let me tell you that we think it's a shame to let you go. :-(

Why did I get a match with someone I rated low?

We try to suggest the best possible matches for you every day. However, should it happen that we cannot find a perfectly suitable match for you, we will provide you with a match that comes closest to your preferences. For example, your match must not only be based on your location and your preferences in terms of age and religion, but must also meet our internal criteria. In addition, a match does not only depend on you, of course, but ultimately also on other users. After all, your profile must also match the preferences of your counterpart.

Accordingly, finding the perfect match can be extremely difficult if your preferences are very specific or if your location has a low population density.

My matches don't speak my language

We always try to ensure that you and your match share at least one language. If this is not the case, please make sure that you have entered the correct languages ​​in your profile. If your language information is correct, but you still get matches with other languages, please expand your search criteria (age, religion). If the problem persists even then, you are welcome to write to us using the contact form in the app settings.

We work hard to provide azzz with profiles that we hope you will enjoy! Unfortunately, sometimes we can't find someone who matches your criteria. In this case, we'd rather give you a match that doesn't meet your expectations 100% than let you go home empty-handed. My matches don't match my preferences?

Why are my matches so far away?

Countless users register on Once every day, but we are still a relatively new app. Therefore, at the beginning it can sometimes happen that we don't find a suitable match in your area every day. We work hard to bring you profiles that we hope you will enjoy! Sometimes

However, as soon as we find suitable users for you in your area, we will of course suggest them to you.

We also always try to match you with users who are less than 30 kilometers away from you. Unfortunately we cannot change this search radius for you. However, you can influence this by choosing your own location. You can change your location at any time by going to your profile, tapping the pencil next to your location and entering the new location.

Our matchmaking algorithm always suggests active matches, which we define as users who have used the app in the past 48 hours. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to determine whether users will log in again or how often they use Once in general. Of course, we cannot force our users to respond to your messages or chat requests either.

Why are my messages / chats disappearing?

If your chats disappear, there can be two reasons: Either the other user has deactivated their account or the conversation with you has ended. If you end a chat, unfortunately we can no longer link you to the relevant person. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it if your counterpart ends the conversation. In both cases the connection and the chat disappear for both match partners!

I'm not happy with my matches, how can I get better ones?

We are very sorry that your matches have not been so popular with you so far! We work hard every day to find the perfect match for you. Sometimes this can take a while, however. We learn from your match behavior, i.e. the more you use the app, the better our matchmaking algorithms know what you like and can suggest more suitable matches!

How does the video date work with Once?

To improve the remote data, you can activate the video with your matches. This option is available by clicking the video camera icon in chat. Your match will receive a consent form to activate the video and start the video date.

I still haven't received a match?

If you do not receive a match, this can have various reasons: There may be too few users at your location, images may still be in the validation process, or your search criteria may be too specific. If the problem persists, please contact us using the contact form in the app settings.

What are chat requests and why do I have to pay for them?

With this premium function you can send chat requests and contact people who particularly caught your eye with the match quality. If you receive a chat request yourself, this in turn means that someone is interested in your profile.

Why do past matches have a blue button and why can I no longer contact these matches?

There could be various reasons why you can no longer contact a past match. This match now has a blue button with “View profile” instead of a green one with “Send message” One possibility is that the user has deleted or deactivated his account. If the account has been deactivated, the user can reactivate it if he wants to use it once again. However, if the account is deleted, the match cannot be restored. Another reason why you can no longer contact your match is that the user has decided to disconnect from you. But no reason to be sad! We'll send you the next great match tomorrow! :)

What are Once Crowns?

In addition to the free offer, you get a few premium features that you can use to improve your chances. You have the option to purchase these premium features with our virtual currency, the Once Crowns.

You get the following features:

  • Choose your own suggestion for the following day without the other person knowing
  • Send a one-time message to your suggestion of the day to break the ice
  • Send a message to one of your old suggestions to get her or his attention
  • Check out other profiles for the option to choose one as your daily suggestion
  • Send or receive chat requests to or from someone you really like or who really like you
  • Get another suggestion for someone currently online right away
I haven't received my crowns

If you have still not received your crowns yourself over an hour after purchasing, please contact us using the contact form in the app settings so that we can credit you with the corresponding crowns. So that we can transfer the crowns, it is important that you send us the invoice for the crown purchase at the same time. (The payment confirmation from your AppStore, from Stripe or similar)

I want to buy crowns but don't have a credit card?

If you don't have a credit card, you can also use an iTunes gift card as an iOS user. If you are using Android, you can also buy a Google Play gift card. You can get these in supermarkets, gas stations or bookstores near you. By entering the appropriate code, you can top up your account balance and purchase crowns accordingly. In some places, Google and Apple Stores also accept PayPal and other regional payment methods.

What special features do I get when I order the VIP subscription? What are the advantages?

When you subscribe to our VIP offer, you will receive:

  • Discover the secret admirers who rated you 4 or 5 stars
  • Define your distance settings more precisely than ever before
  • Get 3 more games each day including a “Premium” game
  • Find out if someone walked past you or not
  • Chat requests are deflowered
  • All ads are removed
  • Permanent access to all customized selections
How do I become a VIP?

To sign up, just open your app, visit your profile and hit the VIP button

Will my subscription be automatically renewed? How can I prevent this from happening?

Yes, your subscription will automatically renew. If you want to cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription, you can do the following:

  • If you have subscribed through our website, go to your profile> Settings> Cancel your subscription. Your VIP subscription will now be automatically canceled at the end of the period.
  • If you're using iOS, go to the Apple Store and follow the instructions on the Apple website:
  • If you have a subscription on Android, open the Google Play Store and go to Menu> Account> Subscription> Find the subscription you want to cancel> Cancel
I want to cancel my subscription, what can I do?

We think that's a shame. We are really passionate about giving our community the best possible experience. We want you to know that we are always working to improve our products and our policies. You cannot cancel an ongoing subscription and your VIP Pass will be valid until the end of the subscription period. Please note that with your subscription via a Google Play account you have waived your statutory right to withdraw from the contract. If you have a subscription from an iOS device, Apple's rules apply:

I met someone on Once! How can I share our love story?

That's so nice to hear! We always try our best to help you find the perfect match. You can share your story on [Love Stories] (! You can use an alias if you want.