What is the best horror movie of the moment

Netflix Horror Movies: The 9 Scariest Movies You Can Stream Right Now

Best Horror Movies on Netflix: "Conjouring The Visitation"

The horror film from 2013 is arguably one of the most popular of its genre. What's especially scary is the fact that the flick is based on real events. This is what it's all about: After the Perron family of seven moved into an old farmhouse in Rhode Island in 1971, it wasn't long before they were terrorized by paranormal activities. To escape an old curse, an exorcism is supposed to be carried out in the house. But before this can take place, the family has to go through a lot. If that's not enough horror, you can be happy: "Conjouring 2" can also be streamed on Netflix. Part 1 and 2 are also available to stream (rent or buy) on Amazon Prime Video.

2020 Netflix Horror Movies: "Bird Box - Close Your Eyes"

Probably no other film caused more reactions and memes on the internet at the end of 2018 / beginning of 2019 than "Bird Box". The thriller with Sandra Bullock in the lead role is about a post-apocalyptic world whose population is infested with a mysterious madness. Anyone who succumbs to this commits suicide immediately. The only way to protect yourself from this is to blindfold your eyes. In search of the last safe place in the world, Malorie embarks on a two-day escape with her two small children - with her eyes closed, of course. The hype about "Bird Box" continues, by the way, as both the original novel and the Netflix hit get a sequel.

Good horror movies Netflix: "The Game"

Horror meets "Fifty Shades of Gray": In "Das Spiel", Jessie and Gerald want to revive their somewhat dusty sex life through erotic games during a romantic short vacation in Maine. Shortly after Gerald ties his wife to the bed, however, he has a heart attack and dies. Now Jessie is stuck alone in a remote country house and begins to have hallucinations and to fight against a mysterious figure. The horror film based on Stephen King's novel of the same name comes from the pen of Mike Flanagan ("Spuk in Hill House"). And "Das Spiel" actors Carla Gugino, Henry Thomas and Kate Siegel also played in the successful Netflix series.

Top Streaming Horror Movies: "Eerie"

The plot of the Netflix film is not unusual for the genre: After Erika, a student at a Catholic school for girls, is found dead, the school counselor wants to clarify the mysterious circumstances. Finally, the other girls are convinced that it was not suicide, but Erika's evil mother Alice is behind it. Little by little it turns out that the school has a dark past - and ghosts are not uncommon there. What sounds like a conventional horror film seems to disturb viewers more than usual: After the Filipino film landed on Netflix, many users reported on Twitter that they could no longer sleep afterwards.

Best Thriller Streaming Tips: "The Perfection"

Anyone who is a fan of the psychological thriller "Black Swan" is guaranteed to like this Netflix horror film. Because here, too, everything revolves around two young, ambitious women who are in competition with each other - although this is not about ballet dancing, but about playing the cello. The two musicians Charlotte and Lizzi, who - instead of being hostile - get pretty close, take the bus to a remote mountain region. Lizzi gets a little nauseous and from that moment the sheer horror begins: She hallucinates that insects are hiding under her skin, and she vomits bugs. Nothing for weak nerves!

Films for horror fans: "Eli"

Little Eli suffers from an extremely rare autoimmune disease - everything seems to be bad for him, be it air, dust or water. For this reason he lives completely isolated in a transparent "igloo". To save the boy from this cruel fate, Eli's parents take him to a clinic in an old, isolated house as the last hope. There he begins treatment with Dr. Horny, but Eli quickly becomes suspicious and is convinced that the doctor only wants to make him sicker. In addition, he begins to have gruesome visions and experiences a lot of horror moments in the creepy house. By the way: Behind the Netflix horror film are the producers of "Spuk in Hill House" and "Das Spiel".

Top Netflix Horror Movies of 2020: "Veronica"

The Spanish horror flick from 2017, which was inspired by real events, is said to be the scariest film of the streaming service from Los Gatos - that comes from an analysis. According to Netflix, "Veronica" is so scary that users cannot watch the movie until the end and stop after they have watched 70 percent. What exactly is it about? 15-year-old schoolgirl Veronica is holding a séance with her friends Rosa and Diana using an Ouija board to communicate with her late father. She shouldn't have done that, because then she is haunted by a dark force.

Pure horror: "Wounds"

"Wounds" is a psychological thriller from Babak Anvari, who is best known for his debut film "Under the Shadow". The Netflix movie starring Armie Hammer, Dakota Johnson and Zazie Beetz is about Will, a New Orleans bartender, who finds a cell phone with disturbing photos and videos. He begins to have terrible visions that slowly but surely can no longer be separated from reality. Will and his girlfriend Carrie also suffer physically - so if you can't see blood, you should skip the film.

Horror on Netflix: "The Ritual"

The British film tells the story of four men who were friends from university who, after the death of their best friend, decide to go on a hiking tour through the Sarek National Park in northern Sweden. In the wild, however, one or two supernatural surprises await them. Will they ever return to their homeland?

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