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E-car purchase premium Corona (2021): € 9,000 subsidy

Decision made: After long negotiations, the federal government has decided to forego a car purchase bonus as far as possible in Corona times. There will be no scrapping incentive for vehicles with internal combustion engines. To this end, funding for electric cars is being expanded. Here is all the information about the car purchase bonus 2020 and 2021!

The wait is over: For months there has been speculation on the part of politics and business about the introduction of a car purchase bonus. In difficult Corona times, car purchases should be boosted by government support.

The federal government spent two days in Berlin discussing the various proposals for a scrapping premium. It turned out that it was no classic car purchase bonus will give. Instead it will higher subsidies for the purchase of electric cars give.

New car innovation bonus: 9,000 euros discount for your electric car

The state subsidy should thereby doubled from 3,000 euros to 6,000 euros become. The manufacturer's share of 3,000 euros remains unchanged. The promotion of an electric car is thus in total increased to 9,000 euros. Through the Reduction of VAT from 19% to 16% Bavaria's Prime Minister Söder also promises an incentive to buy new cars. The reduced VAT applies from July 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020.

The resolutions on the car purchase bonus in detail:

  • The existing environmental bonus remains until December 31, 2021 limited and will be increased.
  • 9,000 euros Funding at Electric cars with a List price of less than 40,000 euros (net)
  • 7,500 euros Funding at Electric cars with a List price of over 40,000 euros to a maximum of 65,000 euros (net)
  • 6,750 euros Funding at Plug-in hybrid cars with a List price of less than 40,000 euros (net)
  • 5,625 euros Funding at Plug-in hybrid cars with a List price of over 40,000 euros to a maximum of 65,000 euros (net)
  • Besides, that should Charging network for electric cars will be massively expanded in Germany.
  • Through the Lowering the VAT From 19% to 16%, the auto industry is also hoping for an incentive to buy new cars.
  • The purchase price limit increases for purely electric company cars for state funding from 40,000 euros to 60,000 euros.

infoCondition for eligible plug-in hybrid models: The CO2 emissions must be less than 50 g / km or the vehicle must have at least 40 km purely electric range (EAER city) according to the WLTP measurement method.

infoNote on the list price: The requirements for the environmental bonus relate to the basic model without special equipment. Selected optional extras do not affect the vehicle's eligibility.

Corona scrapping bonus also at MeinAuto.de

The wishes of the auto industry for a car purchase bonus for the purchase of a new car were not implemented in this way. Only electric vehicles are increasingly subsidized. Nevertheless, this is not a cause for concern, because especially in difficult times, such as the Corona crisis, there are some alternatives to the classic car purchase. With a car leasing at top conditions and low monthly rates, you are always on the safe side, because you pass on all risks of buying a car to the leasing company and receive a modern new car according to your ideas.

At MeinAuto.de, we of course offer you all the specific measures relating to the federal government's car purchase bonus. You can get electric cars here with full state subsidies or, alternatively, look around for a suitable leasing or financing offer. MeinAuto.de is currently offering you increasing discounts and decreasing leasing rates. Compared to March 2020, the average discounts for new cars have increased by more than one percentage point. While you still got 24.79% discount on a new car in March, it was already 25.81% in April. This of course not only reduces the discounted final prices, but also the leasing rates.

Our tip: Take your chance and order early Your new electric vehicle in order to benefit not only from the increased environmental premium, but also from the reduced VAT.

If the delivery time is longer than usual, you do not run the risk of jeopardizing your tax advantage. Your vehicle will only be invoiced when the car is delivered or picked up. The date of the invoice, not the date of the order, is decisive for the 16% VAT.

FAQ purchase bonus: What you need to know about the Corona bonus

When will the Corona purchase premium for the car come?

There is no classic car purchase bonus. The federal government has now decided to do this. The increased promotion of electric cars, on the other hand, is already in force. If you buy a vehicle with an alternative drive now, you can benefit from the increased subsidy.

How much discount do I get through the purchase premium?

For an electric vehicle with a list price of up to 40,000 euros, you will now receive 6,000 euros from the state subsidy instead of 3,000 euros. The funding has thus doubled. In addition, you will receive 3,000 euros from the manufacturer. The subsidy for electric cars is thus a total of 9,000 euros.

For plug-in hybrid vehicles with a list price of up to 40,000 euros, the premium from the state has doubled from 2,250 euros to 4,500 euros, so that the purchase premium includes 6,750 euros. In the case of plug-in hybrid models with a list price between 40,000 euros and 65,000 euros, the state share has also doubled: from 1,875 euros to 3,750 euros. Together with the manufacturer's share, you can save a whole 5,625 euros here.

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For which vehicles is the award eligible?

The car purchase bonus or officially also called innovation bonus or environmental bonus refers to Electric vehicles with a list price of up to 65,000 euros and plug-in hybrids with a list price of up to 65,000 euros. The reduction in VAT is also an option for all other vehicles.

Our brand-specific bonus pages:

What is the goal of the purchase premium?

Sales on the automotive market have slumped massively as a result of the Corona crisis. For this reason, the car purchase should be boosted by the purchase premium. Above all, the Buying environmentally friendly models, like electric cars, should be promoted.

How high is the new innovation bonus for the electric models?

Status: 04.06.2020 - Source: Own data and "List of eligible electric vehicles" (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control)

How high is the new innovation bonus for plug-in hybrids?

Status: 04.06.2020 - Source: Own data and "List of eligible electric vehicles" (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control)

If you are already looking for a new car, you will not only find one-off special offers with us, but you can also put together your dream car individually.

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