Does the iPhone have video stabilization?

Steady Camera enables video stabilization on the iPhone

by Lars Rehm

iOS Some Android smartphones, such as the LG G3 or the HTC One, and also most high-end Windows Phone devices offer optical image stabilization in the camera and are therefore able to record relatively shake-free video images, even when the cameraman is away moved during recording. However, iPhone users have so far had to do without this useful feature. The new Steady App wants to change this, at least in part, and provides digital image stabilization for the iPhone.

  • The Steady Camera app reduces camera shake in iPhone videos. [Photo: Steady Camera App]

  • Steady Cam also enables slow-motion recordings with the newer iPhone models. [Photo: Steady Camera App]

  • A square video can be shared directly via Vine. [Photo: Steady Camera App]

Digital image stabilization is usually less effective than the optical version, which uses movable lenses in the lens or a sliding image sensor to compensate for unwanted movements of the camera, but it can still improve video recordings noticeably.

Steady Camera works in a similar way to digital video stabilization on some Android devices. The gyroscope inside the smartphone registers the movements of the camera and sends the data to an algorithm that realigns the individual images of the video to each other and thereby compensates for any shake. With this method, image information is inevitably lost at the edges and the end result is slightly cropped compared to the unstabilized version. Nevertheless, the sample recordings from Steady Camera are of very good quality.

Steady Camera can record video with an aspect ratio of 16: 9 or 1: 1 (for sharing on Vine) and also has a slow motion function, which is only available on the newer iPhone models. The iPhone 5S can record slow motion with 120 pictures, on the 5 and 5C 60 pictures per second must be sufficient. iPhone 4S users are unfortunately left empty-handed. Unfortunately, the app does not even support older iPhone models and the iPad. Steady Camera can now be downloaded from the Apple App Store for 1.79 euros.

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