Tell parents stories to toddlers

Telling and reading aloud - how stories encourage and enrich children

Telling and reading stories is not only great fun, it encourages children on many different levels. That's why you can't start telling and reading early enough. A good time is around 12 months. As soon as the children speak the first words, they begin to feel the "language". Reading aloud reinforces this development. Children who are read to have a larger vocabulary. This allows you to deal with more demanding sentence patterns. By telling and reading stories, parents can slowly introduce their children to the medium of "text". This creates good conditions for later.

Telling stories and reading aloud have only advantages

  • As already mentioned at the beginning, the vocabulary expands immensely at the beginning of the reading. Also the Language skills are strengthened. This is how parents encourage them Language development of your child and also open up new themed worlds for them to discover.
  • Telling stories and reading aloud makes you smart: through the new worlds that reading aloud for children, they get to know many things. This is why asking questions while reading is so important. It helps the little ones Connections to open up and to transfer it to everyday situations.
  • Strengthening empathy: Through the stories, children learn to empathize with different roles and other people. On the one hand, the ability to deal with conflicts is developed and, on the other hand, the children are trained in dealing with other children and adults.
  • Reading aloud promotes concentration: By listening carefully and remembering details, children strengthen their minds Ability to concentrate. And not only that: abstract thinking is also encouraged. The children learn to organize events on a timeline. This makes learning for school or university much easier later on.
  • By discovering new worlds and coloring the stories in your head, become Imagination and imagination stimulated.
  • And the best thing is: children who used to have a lot of reading to them keep theirs Reading pleasure often for a lifetime. And reading is the path to knowledge and education.

Reading is just great!

In addition to all the promotion of skills and the strengthening of important qualities, reading aloud is of course about the children themselves. They enjoy the moments of peace with mom, dad or grandparents. Nowadays everyday life is often very exhausting, even for the little ones. The demands on them and also the offers they experience often overwhelm children. In many cases this leads to an over-the-top feeling that you cannot get out of on your own. For this, children need the help of adults. Reading aloud is a nice approach to this. The little ones can calm down and switch off more easily. Telling stories and reading aloud are also perfect as an evening ritual to calm down and fall asleep better.

Create the conditions for beautiful reading moments

Telling and reading is best done in a cozy and quiet atmosphere. A reading corner or a retreat in the children's room with appropriate furniture is a good idea. The 2 in 1 children's armchair + children's lounger by howa, for example, is perfect for a cozy, small reading area. Parents should create a relaxed atmosphere for reading aloud. It is also important to let the children choose the book or story. The little ones usually know best how to relax and switch off - some children, for example, like to hear the same story over and over again.

Parents should allow questions and interruptions when reading aloud so that the young listeners can fully immerse themselves in the story. Sometimes children have to reflect on the context again. Or the beautiful drawing in the book attracts more attention for a moment. Your child sets the pace here.

Become a story pro!

To make it even more exciting, parents or grandparents can apply the story to the child while reading. For example, you can exchange names or incorporate everyday situations you have experienced. The storytelling and reading is especially great and exciting when parents change their voices, imitate noises or speak loudly and sometimes softly. This allows children to delve even deeper into the story.