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New cooperation: Qantas becomes a Flying Blue partner

Oneworld Airline Qantas and SkyTeam Airlines Air France / KLM have announced an extensive collaboration for their frequent flyer programs Qantas Frequent Flyer and Flying Blue. Participants in both programs can now collect and redeem miles with the other airline. Status advantages are also mutually recognized. European and Australian frequent flyers will benefit equally from the new cooperation.

So far, the two airlines have worked together on a few selected routes between Europe and Australia in the form of codeshare flights. Fortunately, the cooperation that has now been announced affects the airlines' entire route network. Flying Blue members can earn and redeem miles on all Qantas flights. Qantas Frequent Flyers also have access to the entire route network of Air France and KLM. A collaboration between the two frequent flyer programs was announced in the summer when Qantas announced extensive changes to its own frequent flyer program (Qantas overtakes Frequent Flyer program).

Earn Flying Blue miles with Qantas

Flying Blue users can now earn miles for Qantas and Qantas Link flights. This applies to award miles as well as to the status miles known as XP points. Status-based bonus miles are also credited. Award miles are credited according to the well-known distance-based system, in which the flight distance (determine flight distances with the Great Circle Mapper) is multiplied by a factor between 20% and 150% depending on the booking class (booking classes not listed give 0%). What is striking is the low credit for first class flights, which is used by Flying Blue but also by other partner airlines.

  • First Class: F, A: 150%
  • Business Class: J, C, D: 125%; I: 100%
  • Premium Economy Class: 110%; R: 100%; T: 75%
  • Economy Class: Y, B: 100%; H: 75%; K, M: 50%; L, S, V: 25%; G, N, O, Q: 20%

It should also be possible to collect XP points for status acquisition with Qantas flights. A simplified price band system is used here. There is a fixed number of XP depending on the flight distance.

Spend Flying Blue miles with Qantas

Air France / KLM Flying Blue miles that have been collected can now also be redeemed for Qantas award flights. Unfortunately, like the other Flying Blue partner airlines, there is of course no corresponding award chart. The mileage calculator cannot be used for Qantas flights either. So you have no way of finding out about the price of your award flight in advance. The only option is a trial booking. Qantas flights are already mapped by the Flying Blue search. For example, we were able to find a Qantas economy flight from Sydney to Melbourne for 13,500 Flying Blue miles and 32 euros in taxes and fees.

Qantas Business Class flights between Sydney and Auckland can be found for 43,000 Flying Blue miles and 97 euros in taxes and fees.

Unfortunately, Qantas gives very few availabilities for long-haul business and first class flights to partner programs, so experience has shown that it is very difficult to spend miles on these flights. At first glance, this also seems to apply to bookings made through Flying Blue. If, contrary to expectations, you find availability, please let us know in the comments.

Qantas becomes a Flying Blue partner - conclusion

New collaborations between airlines and frequent flyer programs are always exciting, as they open up new opportunities for collecting and redeeming miles. As a non-alliance partner of Air France and KLM, Qantas is definitely making the associated frequent flyer program a bit more attractive. Members of the program can now use miles to better reach Australia and / or redeem their miles on site.

This news is also good news for German American Express credit card holders, as Membership Rewards points collected with the credit card can be transferred to Flying Blue. The transfer to Flying Blue is another alternative to the British Airways Executive Club, which also allows you to book Qantas award flights.

The general trend that frequent flyer programs are increasingly investing in strategic direct cooperation, instead of being limited to cooperation within an aviation alliance, is also to be welcomed. The very well networked and popular frequent flyer program of Alaska Airlines proves how attractive this route can be.

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