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Permanent positions in Germany:
Amazon is planning over 2000 new jobs

It presents itself as a job machine Amazon: The online retailer announced on Friday that it intends to create over 2000 new permanent positions in Germany by the end of the year and then employ more than 18,000 people in Germany.

Mainly through the expansion of the Berlin location with a focus on research and development as well Amazon Web Services (AWS) and to support services like Amazon Fresh, Alexa or Prime Video new jobs should be created. Amazon is looking for "career starters as well as experienced specialists with a wide variety of qualifications, such as software developers, linguists, logistics experts, HR and IT specialists".

Potential employees are lured by Amazon with "competitive pay and additional benefits such as free life and occupational disability insurance or employee shares".

What Amazon is attracting new employees

At the beginning of the year, Amazon was already looking for new personnel in the Bundeswehr to get German officers interested in the logistics centers. Now the employer Amazon insures:

"Amazon also offers competitive wages and extensive additional services in the logistics centers from day one. All permanent employees earn the equivalent of at least 12.21 euros per hour after two years.
In addition, Amazon offers additional benefits such as performance-related bonuses, a special Christmas payment and employee shares. With these extras, a permanent employee earns an average of 2621 euros gross per month after two years.
In addition, there is free life and occupational disability insurance, the option of company pension schemes and staff discounts. The canteens in the German logistics centers are subsidized by Amazon and cook fresh, healthy food at low prices. In addition, Amazon offers innovative programs such as Career Choice, under which Amazon promotes the professional training of employees in the logistics and customer service centers.
Amazon pays 95 percent of the costs for nationwide recognized courses. The upper limit is 8,000 euros per employee over a period of up to four years. "