Is it worth traveling to Munich

Vacation in Munich -
the charming capital of Bavaria

The third largest metropolis in Germany, Munich, knows how to inspire with cosmopolitan warmth, Bavarian tradition and historical architecture. Not just at the time of Oktoberfest, the largest festival in the world, the beautiful city is well worth a visit. For holidaymakers there is a lot to discover and marvel at in Munich at any time of the year.

Discover Munich - the big city with a heart

The heart of Munich beats on Marienplatz In the middle of the historicalOld town. The mighty dominates on the north side new townhall the place that Old City Hall closes it right east and in the middle is the Marian columnthat commemorates the end of the 30 Years War. You get the best view of Marienplatz from above. So the Tower of the New Town Hall a unique view over the old town and also the 50 meter high one Old Peter's Tower reveals a grandiose 360 ° view. Climbing the 306 steps is particularly worthwhile when the weather is good, because with a little luck you can even climb them Alps to see.

These are further highlights of the metropolis Nymphenburg Castle, a magnificent baroque building with a beautiful palace park, the Munich Residence, which is considered to be the largest inner city palace in Germany, as well as the woman Church, the landmark of the Bavarian capital. The list of unique sights is large, so there is something for everyone. Numerous too Museums as well as relaxation oases like the 4.17 square kilometer English garden ensure a successful stay.

The Oktoberfest in Munich

Known as the largest folk festival in the world, the Oktoberfest attracts several million visitors to Munich every year Theresienwiese. No wonder - the historic Oktoberfest offers all kinds of incentives: hearty celebrations in the large festival tents of the traditional breweries, chic costumes, historical and modern rides, delicious Oktoberfest delicacies, exclusive Bavarian cuisine and of course the obligatory beer.

What are you waiting for? Travel to Munich and experience the fascination of the Bavarian capital up close!

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