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Best VPS Hosting Providers to Consider (2021)

TL; DR At the top of our list is the # 1 VPS hosting provider ScalaHosting. The single processor as well as 4 GB of memory and 30 GB of memory are based on the self-made control panel (SPanel) - all for only 21.95 USD / month.

Top VPS hosts to consider:

The best VPS hosting plans often offer users the perfect balance of performance - fast speeds, high availability, reliable customer support, and adequate resources.

Neatly packaged with competitive prices, they are the perfect option for high traffic websites.

Why these companies in the list?

Our focused list of the top 10 VPS hosting providers showcases the crème de la crème, handpicked from 70+ by competitors. We tested them extensively in our reviews, evaluating speed, availability, support and costs to see who offers the best mix.

Side-by-side comparison & reviews

Detailed reviews of these VPS hosting providers

1. ScalaHosting

Website: https://www.scalahosting.com/ Price: Starting at $ 9.95 / month

ScalaHosting has been in business for over a decade and its VPS plans are an important part of its very comprehensive suite of products. ScalaHosting offers both unmanaged and managed VPS plans in a variety of flavors that ensure there is something for everyone.

However, the strongest part of their offering is that they offer users the option to use their own sPanel WHCP instead of cPanel. This comes at a very opportune time as cPanel has increased its license fees over the past year, which is affecting many users.

Find out more in our detailed ScalaHosting review

Notable properties in Scala VPS

  • Use of XNUMX% equipment
  • 99.9% availability guarantee
  • Self-developed sPanel WHCP
  • Instant account activation

2. A2 hosting

Website: https://www.a2hosting.com/ Price: Starting at $ 39.99 / month

The best thing about A2 hosting is its speed. With the introduction of SSD and NVMe storage, Railgun Optimizer and preconfigured server caching for shared hosting users, A2 is raising the speed standard for the entire hosting industry. A2 hosting is definitely worth signing up for if you don't have a web host.

They also have a very strategic distribution of server locations to choose from and support all of their plans with a (partial) money-back guarantee at any time. Such a business really creates confidence in their products.

Find out more in our A2 Hosting Review.

Notable features in the A2 VPS hosting package

  • cPanel available
  • Choose your Linux operating system
  • Root access available
  • Full SSD storage
  • Money-back guarantee at any time

3. GreenGeeks

Website: https://www.greengeeks.com/ Price: Starting at $ 39.95 / month

GreenGeeks fills a niche part of the web hosting business. With more than ten years of web hosting experience, GreenGeeks is a unique bastion for those looking for an environmentally friendly service.

The company claims to offer "300% Green Renewable Energy Web Hosting". This means that they will buy three times as many renewable energy certificates as will be used by the services they provide.

If you are looking for a hosting service that will reduce your COXNUMX footprint on earth, GreenGeeks is definitely a great choice.

Find out more in our GreenGeeks Review.

Notable features in GreenGeek's VPS

  • cPanel available
  • 300% green hosting
  • Blacklisted free IPs
  • High performance (at least 4 vCPU)

4. Interserver

Website: https://www.interserver.net/ Price: Starting at $ 6.00 / month

Over the years, Interserver has grown from strength to strength and while today they are a global company they have kept the American heart in their hearts and provided US support teams.

You have immense flexibility when it comes to VPS accounts and for those looking to escape the cPanel price hike this is one to look out for. Interserver gives users the chance to experience the free program up close and personal with the Webuzo control panel - which helps lower your VPS bills.

You can find more information in our Interserver Review.

Notable features in Interserver VPS

  • cPanel and Webuzo available
  • Choose from 16 Linux operating systems
  • Root access available
  • SSD storage

5. InMotion hosting

Website: https://www.inmotionhosting.com/ Price: Starting at $ 22.99 / month

InMotion Hosting is a big name in the industry and has provided strong performance for many users over the years. They offer so many strengths that it is difficult to decide where to start. In terms of performance, their servers have excellent availability and speed (> 99.95% uptime, TTFB <450 ms).

They also come highly recommended for their solid customer service. Personally, I pay them hundreds of dollars every year to host my new HostScore project. Inmotion VPS plans are only intended for the serious website owner, however, as even their lower-tier VPS plans are relatively powerful.

Find out more in our InMotion Hosting Review.

Notable properties in InMotion VPS

  • The cPanel Admin 5 license is free for companies with CentOS
  • The cloud infrastructure enables redundancy in real time
  • Server management is free for updates and patches
  • Free SSL and SSD certificate for safe and fast hosting

6. KnownHost

Website: https://www.knownhost.com/ Price: Starting at $ 28.00 / month

From the US to Europe, KnownHost has a strong server presence and a good selection of VPS offerings. Their VPS plans are all fully managed to ease the technical burden on their users.

KnownHost's VPS hosting service is reliable, inexpensive, and relatively easy to set up. All VPS hosting plans come with full SSD storage, built-in backup services, and two dedicated IP addresses. This makes them the perfect choice for companies looking for a worry-free VPS hosting solution.

For more information on KnownHost's performance and features, please contact HostScore.

Notable features in KnownHost VPS

  • cPanel / WHM or Direct Admin
  • Integrated backup and speed optimization
  • Root access available
  • 2 dedicated IP address included

7. HostPapa

Website: https://www.hostpapa.com/ Price: Starting at $ 19.99 / month

HostPapa is a Canada-based web hosting service provider that has been in existence since 2006. The company is committed to providing users with all of the features they need for web hosting, and it has done it admirably.

Their dedication to offering solid plans to users is evident in the breadth of their VPS plans. With five to choose from, these plans can still cover a very wide range of needs. What's impressive is that even the starter plan for just $ 19.99 is powered by four CPU cores.

Find out more in our HostPapa review.

Notable features in HostPapa VPS

  • cPanel available
  • SolusVM VPS panel
  • Root access available
  • Full SSD storage

8. AltusHost

Website: https://www.altushost.com/ Price: From 19.95 € / month

AltusHost is a well-known premium, no-overselling hosting provider that is extremely Eurocentric. The company, based in the Netherlands, offers solid customer support and server locations in Bulgaria, the Netherlands and Sweden.

It's no ordinary service provider and doesn't offer any shared hosting plans. Their solutions are more geared towards enterprise deployment, but we think AltusHost is the call for individual bloggers too who want a reliable EU-based hosting solution

Find out more in our AltusHost review.

Notable features in AltusHost VPS plans

  • 2 to 8 GB of RAM with full server root control
  • Fast delivery time - provision in 2 - 24 hours
  • DDoS protection (10 Gbit / s) included

9. SiteGround

Website: https://www.siteground.com/ Price: From $ 80 / month

SiteGround is a solid hosting company with innovative server features and first class live chat support. At first glance, the pricing of VPS plans might scare most users, but trust us, you will get what you pay for.

Powerful SiteGround VPS plans are ideal for businesses looking for size and performance combined with the ease of use that can be expected from hosting plans. These solutions provide one thing all hosting providers hope for - a stress-free experience for their users.

Find out more in our SiteGround review.

Notable features in SiteGround VPS

  • SitePanel Control Panel
  • Scalable resources
  • 24/7 VIP support
  • Free EUR
  • Multiple locations available
  • Powered by the Google Cloud infrastructure

10. TMD hosting

Website: https://www.tmdhosting.com/ Price: Starting at $ 19.97 / month

TMD Hosting may not be the biggest hosting company, but we have to say that their VPS offerings are impressive. With a reasonable starting price of $ 19.97, there is still plenty of room to scale if you want to grow here.

Although working with them means you get away from the cPanel price increase, the good news is that TMD Hosting generally offers top-notch facilities and support. Because of their plans, they are suitable for almost any application, from individuals to companies.

For more information, see our TMD hosting review.

Notable features in TMD VPS hosting

  • Fully managed VPS plans
  • Fully redundant infrastructure and equipment
  • Account isolation in private networks
  • Good range of server locations available

Tips on Choosing the Right VPS Hosting Provider

As you can probably tell by now, it is very difficult to compare (and choose) many of the providers here. Many of them are top names in the industry and have strong track records and a good range of products.

Some, like GreenGeeks, offer extremely niche services while others like AltusHost have a stronger focus on a specific geographic location. Because of this, you should consider your own specific needs and the importance of each provider on this list.

Here are some important factors to consider when choosing a VPS.

1. Good customer help and support

I have always firmly believed that customer care is a make-or-break business with any type of service provider.

Your VPS host must provide at least some form of daily, all-day support. This can be done through a live chat or ticketing system, but customers always need to feel like the host has their backs.

2. Flexible plans and reasonable prices

Keep In Mind The Kind Of Assets You Will Need To Serve Your Website (s) When Finding A Host. Cost in a VPS is important, but not as important as you might think. The availability of VPS resources is scalable so the costs to be considered are comparable costs from one host to the next.

Also - cPanel recently revised its pricing model, web hosting companies across the board have to pass these costs on to users sooner or later. When choosing a VPS plan, you need to consider the cost of the control panel.

Companies like ScalaHosting have developed their own control panel to address this issue - so their users will have fewer problems with the price increase.

3. Speed ​​and stable hosting performance

Check how much uptime your host guarantees. Uptime in a shared services environment is often slower than what would be expected in a VPS hosting environment.

You pay more, so there should be a minimum availability guarantee and better server speed.

Look for a host that offers at least 99.5%, although ideally I would prefer to work with someone that offers 99.9%. Do browse some reviews as there are many who have put this to the test. For example, one of many WHSRs web host reviews add an uptime record as one of our key tests.

4. Affordable and easy to use control panel

In one of the sections above, we discussed the price increases cPanel has recently seen and how this has affected pricing for cPanel hosting customers. It is important to know that while cPanel makes up a large chunk of the Web Hosting Control Panel (WHCP) market share, there are many other viable alternatives.

Other top web hosting control panels may cost a lot less than cPanel, and in fact there are a number of free options available in WHCPs as well. Researching which WHCP to choose can make a huge difference in how you use your VPS account and the price it costs you.

Conclusion: It's an all-star cast in VPS

Choosing the best VPS partner is a one-way street, and there really is no one-way street.

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