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Parking: What is a working day and does Saturday also belong to it?

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Parking: What is a working day and does Saturday also belong to it? © picture alliance / Frank Leonhardt / dpa

Workdays 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. only with a parking ticket: Anyone looking for a parking space knows that. But what does workdays actually mean? Do I have to take a parking ticket on Saturday too?

The tiresome search for a free parking space occupies thousands of drivers in large cities every day. Finally found a suitable space, a sign indicates that a parking ticket is required on weekdays. From Monday to Friday everyone goes to the machine and draws a ticket, of course, but on a Saturday?

Many drivers then think: Saturday is not a working day, so I don't need a parking ticket. But are you correct? We clarify.

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Is Saturday a working day?

According to several court rulings, Saturday is a working day in road traffic. So if you stand in a parking lot on a Saturday that requires a parking ticket on weekdays, you should take a ticket. Otherwise there is a risk of a parking ticket. Attention: Speed ​​limits that are only valid on weekdays must also be observed on Saturdays.

Most people no longer work on Saturdays, but that's the day that counts in common parlance as a working day. The Hamm Higher Regional Court decided in 2001 (AZ: 2 Ss OWi 127/01) in a speeding case on a Saturday like that


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Is Saturday always a working day?

Accordingly, one should not confuse working day with working day. Rather, the term is "Working day" as a delimitation to "Sunday and public holiday" to understand. For this reason, you should also pay attention to traffic signs with the addition "workday" or "workdays" on Saturdays.

To make the whole thing a little more complicated: Saturday is not a working day when it comes to deadlines. For example, if the rental agreement states that the rent must be transferred on the third working day of the month, Saturday does not count, because banks usually do not work on that day.

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