How to integrate into Woocommerce

Create an online shop with WordPress: Here's how it works

Since the functions of the WooCommerce plugin in WordPress are very extensive, only a few elements can be briefly outlined here. The most important ones can be selected in the sidebar under the menu item "WooCommerce":


As soon as you have won paying customers, you can manage and process all customer orders under "Orders". There you can see the exact status and all relevant information about orders (contact details, order date, status, billing and shipping information, product overview, prices and sums).


An additional Vouchers are an incentive to buy or give away. You can add this option via the voucher menu. Here you determine the type of discount (shopping cart or product discount with or without percentages), select voucher amounts, shipping options and the end date of voucher promotions. You can also set usage restrictions, order value limits and the inclusion and exclusion of certain products from your range.


You can use the sub-item "Reports" Development of orders and income of your online shop check. Values ​​such as gross and net sales, orders received, items sold, refunds, shipping costs and voucher values ​​are displayed here in the form of a diagram. A flexible time table allows you to check the values ​​within a year, month and week or define your own time period. You can also filter the diagram by product type, category or voucher date. So you always have the most important key figures in view.

In addition, there is the WooCommerce Germanized plug-in for German online shops: an extension for more legal security in German-speaking countries. Depending on the compatibility of the chosen theme, you can use it to adapt important functions such as general terms and conditions, cancellation policy, SEPA direct debit and consent procedures for customers. A correct imprint to identify the provider (including shop operator, company name, address and telephone number) is also important in order to operate your online shop securely in accordance with German law.