Is Theresa May a bad politician

British Prime Minister Theresa May sees no reason to withdraw

The former, great British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once coined the sentence in a speech to underline her steadfastness: "The lady's not for turning." Today's British Prime Minister, who would like to be as steadfast as her legendary predecessor, could say: "The lady's not for resignation." Theresa May wants to continue, not resign, but maybe even run again. Since it is said in London that the Tories themselves consider their front woman to be counted, this could be shocking news for some party friends.

So that this news can also spread from distant Japan, where May is currently visiting, the Prime Minister gave an interview not only to one broadcaster, but to all three relevant news channels: BBC, Sky News and ITV. Nobody should say he has did not notice it.

"We deliver"

The conservative politician rejected reports that she wanted to resign prematurely after her country left the EU. These reports were "completely unfounded," May said. When asked whether she wanted to lead the Conservative party into the next parliamentary election planned for 2022, the BBC replied: "Yes. I will be here for the long term."

She continued: "My government and I don't just want to deliver Brexit. We are delivering a better future for the UK." She wanted to ensure that Britain had its place in the world, that it could trade worldwide and that inequalities in the country would be eliminated. Great Britain should be "stronger, more international but also fairer" in the future.

Two who are said to be ambitious: ministers David Davis (left) and Boris Johnson

May, under the impression of benevolent poll results, called for an early parliamentary election in June. The Prime Minister had hoped for broad support from this in order to enter the Brexit negotiations with the EU stronger than ever. Instead, the conservative Tories lost their absolute majority in the lower house. At the party conference in September, May will have a difficult time in view of this defeat. Especially since the EU has made it clear that it will not give gifts to Great Britain.

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