How can I simply crack NEET 2018

Ban on dancing on Good Friday: Hanging out thanks to Jesus

@ 76530 (profile deleted) Ok - but you might think - that it is the one of all people

Last Prussians on the Rhing - en itself - yes.

Franz-Josef Antwerpes - yes exactly that

Trinekens eene with & "Assholes so big - trucks can drive through there!"

"Death in the Rhineland - A Colorful Bone Harvest" - in short "Bone Harvest in the Rhineland" - on Good Friday - with everyone

Administrative resources prevented - uh

... het = Et would still have jot jejange !;)

Before he turned back to winegrowing in his barely paid official apartment - only to announce to neighbors on Patty in the evening - almost a quarter of an hour later - "ah, ah."

I'm going to have a nice drink! "


Then - it will hardly surprise you - that when he was given a neighboring apartment he decided -

"Sectarian out of the house? No thanks!

After all, it couldn't work -

That Him! - concern the gentleman from & zu RP - domestics in the skirt of sleep & slippers in the hallway on the way to the Öchslean try on his wing.

He kept himself harmed several times - "A young man raves about the kitchen staff" - there as usual. But quod licet the ox, don't you! Well - Si'cher. Normal - dat. You don't mow anything.


So avoided in His house - woll!

Higher & about middle service yourself

to know officially - Duzen was punished with an EdeKa note!

Of course - all in silence!


Inner contemplation! including popping!

Except with the assholes - yes!

Doooch! He apologized!

"... By deene - who is addressed by it feels like it!"

Well - you are dat. You don't mow anything.

Normal. Sojet times. Not wool.


Instead of - bone reading - smoking songs.

"... and Mama Kreid - in Troisdorf-Siglar

Thank you - Norbert Alich - well, you have to be able to do it - Norbert pause &

Good - also - Martin Stankowski !;)

Nu. In all silence and contemplation - Newahr !;)