How do I find my stolen Mac

MacBook stolen, questions about macOS / Safari

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Since Find my Mac is active, you have connected it to your iCloud account. It's good. Nobody can set it up again because they have to know your iCloud password. Also format according to disk / factory setting and the like. Often the types appear with the device at Apple Store Support. Report the device to Apple as stolen.

Is the hard drive encrypted with FileVault? If not, they can get all of your data. B. by removing the plate. In that case start a remote erase. They can only get your passwords in the keychain if they find out your login. Like most, you probably don't have a separate password for the keychain. If your password is less than 8 characters or contains words from any language, then I would consider it crackable and change important passwords.

I would definitely change two passwords:
- Email, because otherwise your other accounts with the password forgotten function will get a new password from the attacker and will be lost to them.
- iCloud, because it controls your devices and data.
Choose good new passwords for both.

Has a firmware password been set? Then it cannot be booted from an external disk.
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