What is eSIM in an iPhone

How to set up the eSIM on the iPhone XS, iPhone XR & iPhone 11 (Pro)

Why a dual SIM makes sense for some users

There are several practical areas of application for the dual SIM. The use of a device for business and private calls is probably a common area of ​​application. You can thus be reached via your private as well as your business number without having to use two devices.

In addition, the eSIM can be practical when on vacation. You can simply add a local tariff and no need to change SIM cards. Incidentally, this can be done via QR code or the app of the mobile phone provider. Note, however, that not all providers support eSIM. Apple has a current list here.

Set up eSIM on iPhone 11 (Pro), iPhone XS and iPhone XR

In contrast to the previous nano-SIM, with the eSIM you no longer need an additional card to be inserted into the device. Everything works completely digitally and this is also reflected in the three setup methods:

  • Activate eSIM via QR code
  • Set up eSIM via app
  • Enter data manually

To the Set up eSIM using a QR code, go to "Settings> Mobile Network". Then tap on "Add cellular tariff" and scan the QR code that your cellular provider has made available to you. Then enter the confirmation code to activate it.

Alternatively, you can use the mobile operator's app. You first download this from the App Store and then simply book the desired tariff. Follow the instructions on the screen as the process may vary from provider to provider.

As a third option, you can also enter the tariff information for the digital SIM card manually. Instead of scanning a QR code in “Settings> Mobile network> Add cellular tariff”, simply tap on “Enter information manually”.

Use several tariffs with the eSIM in the iPhone - this is how it works

As an additional special feature, you can also save several tariffs for the eSIM. For example, you could deactivate your business number while on vacation and use a local data plan instead - as soon as you return home, set the business number back to active. This works very simply via "Settings> Mobile network> Cellular tariffs". There simply tap on the corresponding tariff and then select "Activate this line".