How do I begin to speak fearlessly in public?

Bach flower mimulus

Bach flower No. 20 mimulus

The Bach flower mimulus is also known as the bravery flower.

German name of the Bach flower Mimulus:Yellow juggler flower, spotted juggler flower, common juggler flower
Latin name of the Bach flower Mimulus:Mimulus guttatus
Emotional group of the Bach flower mimulus:For those who are afraid
Bach flower group of the Bach flower mimulus:The twelve healers
Production method of the Bach flower Mimulus:Solar method
Meaning of the Bach flower mimulus:Specific fears, fear of specific things

The medicinal plant Mimulus

The yellow juggler flower or mimulus is a type of plant from the juggler flower family (Phrymaceae). It is an annual or perennial, herbaceous plant, the height of which varies between ten and ninety centimeters. Their original home is in North America. After it was introduced to Europe as an ornamental plant, it is now also found wild in various European countries. It grows in damp and wet places such as streams, ditches and lake banks.

The up to ten centimeters long leaves of the yellow juggler flower are broadly ovate, the leaf edge is serrated irregularly. The five-fold flowers are yellow and usually have red spots on the lower lip. They are located on racemose inflorescences with three to seven flowers. The flowering period is from July to August. The flowers develop into two-fold capsule fruits with a number of small seeds.

The American Indians in North America use Mimulus as a traditional medicinal herb to treat pain and wounds. In Europe it is not used in phytotherapy or folk medicine outside of Bach flower therapy.

Description of the negative mimulus state

The Bach flower mimulus strengthens the soul in case of fears about concrete things. This means that people can usually name exactly what they are afraid of. The "fear remedy" mimulus is always about fears with a specific cause. This can be anything. According to statistics from 2013, the most common fears of all people are fear of: speaking in public, great heights, lack of money, deep water, vermin, disease and death, flying, loneliness, dogs, driving a car, elevators, darkness and escalators. It is noteworthy that the so-called "public speaking" takes first place and 41% of all people are afraid of it. From a rational point of view, dogs, for example, pose a greater threat and the darkness appears to be more frightening and carries a greater element of uncertainty. In addition, you can control public speaking yourself, while you have no influence on what is happening when using the elevator, for example. But fears have a lot to do with the soul, which operates beyond logic.

Said fears can be both real and imaginary in nature. The mimulus type is often of a generally fearful disposition. So there are many situations in which he can be afraid, often also in normal everyday life. It doesn't have to be a fear, that is, a fear of danger. For example, it can be the fear of being late, of forgetting something, of not being good enough or of failing, i. H. everything that triggers discomfort in him or can have unpleasant consequences, where he is insecure or where there is uncertainty. On the other hand, pronounced phobias such as a panic fear of spiders can also fall within the scope of Mimulus.

The mimulus anxiety can be temporary and relate to a very specific, one-off situation, such as an upcoming examination or a visit to the dentist. But it can also be deeply anchored in a person's being. Mimulus people are usually delicate and rather delicately built. They blush easily, get clammy hands, or tend to stutter or become nervous. They are very sensitive and react sensitively to strong stimuli such as loud noises, bright light, intense smells, extreme temperatures and the like. Because of their fearful disposition, they are timid, shy and reserved. They also have a habit of getting sick to avoid challenging or stressful situations or tasks in the hope that these will resolve themselves. As a rule, they keep their fears a secret and don't talk about them. They will only comment on it if you specifically ask them about it.

Bach flower Mimulus uses and psychological effects

The Bach flower mimulus aims to promote bravery, trust, courage, self-confidence and inner strength. It is one of the Bach flowers for those who are afraid and is used for fear of known things. It's about fears of something specific, about fears whose triggers can be assigned. You know what and why you are afraid. These include B. the fear of old age or being alone, fear of heights, claustrophobia or the fear of being laughed at. The list goes on and on. There are probably as many fears as there are people. A certain fear is innate to protect him. However, it is by nature not designed to interfere with everyday life. Then there is a mimulus blockage.

People who are afraid of God and the world can also benefit from using the Bach flower mimulus. We are talking about fearful and anxious characters, shy and shy beings, faint-hearted and thin-skinned personalities. The effect is often described to the effect that you get a better sense of when the restraint is appropriate and when not, that the hypersensitivity subsides, the inner strength increases and one stands up to one's emotions in the positive mimulus state in a humorous way, true to the motto: What doesn't kill me just makes me tougher.

Bach flower Mimulus application and dosage

The following recommendation applies as standard for the use of the Bach flower Mimulus: Either you add 2 drops from the stock bottle to a glass of still water, which you drink in sips. Or you can mix 30 ml of still mineral water with 4 drops of Mimulus in a bottle with a pipette and put 4 drops directly on the tongue several times a day.

You can find further information on the application, effect and dosage of Bach flowers in the Bach flower guide. Please note that the Bach flower mimulus, like all Bach flower essences, is never aimed at the treatment of physical symptoms in the original Bach flower therapy and is therefore only assigned to certain states of mind and associated behaviors.

Distinctions from Mimulus to similar Bach flowers

An intake of Mimulus using other essences may well be appropriate in order to grasp a subject in its entirety. However, for a precise selection it is important to be aware of the differences to other flowers.

Indeterminate and inexplicable fears are part of the mood symptoms associated with the Aspen Bach flower.

The fear of saying no usually arises from a Centaury disorder.

If, suddenly and temporarily, a fear of failure arises that basically does not correspond to the personality, this indicates the Bach flower Elm.

The Bach Flower Larch is used for fearfulness where a lack of self-confidence is in the foreground.

When fear of criticism or punishment, the person is usually in a negative pine state.

If the fear is about being too worried about other people, the Bach Flower Red Chestnut is the right remedy.

In cases of mental emergency with panic fears, the Bach Flower Rock Rose is indicated.

Further descriptions of the Bach flower Mimulus

Mimulus description by Dr. Edward Bach

Fear of worldly things like illness, pain, accidents, poverty, darkness, being alone, misfortune. The fears of everyday life. These people quietly endure their horrors, they do not speak openly about it with others.

Dr. Edward Bach

Mimulus description by Nelsons

You are preparing an impending situation such as B. a plane trip, worries.

Nelson's Bach flowers

Mimulus description by Murnauer

Clearly definable fears and phobias dominate. You are scared, shy and sensitive.

Murnauer's Bach flowers

Mimulus Description of Healing Herbs

Emotional Bach Flower Group: For those who are afraid

Dr. Edward Bach divided the Bach flowers into seven groups of states of mind. The Bach flower Mimulus belongs to the category: For those who are afraid. These include:

Bach flower mimulus affirmations

  • I am brave and brave.
  • I recognize my development potential that my fear brings with it.
  • I grow beyond myself.
  • I am stronger than my fear.
  • I look at my life from the perspective of fearlessness.
  • I am vulnerable but invincible.
  • I allow my fear to protect me from real dangers.

You can find an overview of the affirmations of all Bach flowers on the Bach Flower Affirmations page.

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Bach flower mimulus experiences

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