Is traveling a privilege?

Praise to the vaccination certificate : Travel is not a privilege, but a basic right

In the GDR, traveling was a privilege that only "travel cadres" were entitled to. The common people were excluded. In the liberal state, travel is a basic right. Is Corona throwing us back to GDR level?

Travel is suddenly being treated as a privilege again. It is scandalous when a few vaccinated people who have a national or EU-wide vaccination certificate are allowed to do something that the bulk of the unvaccinated are denied. On the other hand, many long for a vacation trip. And generally after relaxation.

How is that and will it stay that way? When it comes to sensitive topics, the choice of words and timing are crucial. This requires a sense of responsibility, but also seduces into manipulative “framing”.

Freedom is positive, privilege negative. If travel is considered a fundamental right, you must justify the restriction and remove it if the reason no longer applies. That is also different with privileges.

Germans are torn in polls. So far, two thirds have refused to allow the state to grant vaccinated people greater rights. Only a quarter is for it. If, on the other hand, the question is whether airlines can decide to only take vaccinated people with them, a majority is in favor. A notable number of vaccine skeptics also say they would get vaccinated if it gave them more freedom.

Is bondage really more just for everyone?

The Allensbach Institute wrote at the end of January that this mood could be used to get more people to be vaccinated. The acceptance of greater freedoms could also grow rapidly if 20 to 30 percent are vaccinated and the “framing” of privileges no longer applies to very few. As in 1989, the question of whether unfreedom is more just for everyone should answer itself as soon as freedom becomes tangible for more and more people.

The time factor will resolve further issues. Many people, including the Chancellor, claim that there is no point in discussing vaccination passports that entitle you to travel as long as only a few are vaccinated. Other heads of government disagreed at the EU summit: the discussion would come late. Millions of EU citizens would be vaccinated within a few weeks, but it would take three months to introduce the vaccination certificate into everyday European life.

Tourism helps the south more than the EU's corona billions

So it's high time to get started. The Corona recession hits southerners harder than the north because tourism has a higher share of GDP. If the rapidly growing number of vaccinated people were allowed to travel, the upswing would come more directly than from the EU's 750 billion reconstruction aid; nobody knows when the first euros will flow. Only a few parliaments have approved so far.

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Of course, it is not yet certain that those who have been vaccinated will not infect anyone. But we know: the risk is lower than with unvaccinated people, and diseases are less severe. With a vaccination and passport, the risks become more calculable. For tourism and gastronomy in Germany, freedom with a vaccination pass would also be an asset. What is the Germans' favorite holiday destination? Germany. Most of them spend their holidays there.

Leap into the digital future

And which vaccination certificate should it be? A digital one, of course. The paper yellow may be good for long-distance travel. When returning to high numbers of trips in the EU, individual checks of a paper would lead to long queues.

It should be a computer-readable vaccination certificate recognized throughout the EU. Then everyone can get the permit to enter the Canary Islands before departure; a scan on arrival protects against fraud. That's what the EU promised: to use the corona crisis for the digital leap into the future.

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