Why do I have so many thoughts

5 tips on how to stop thinking too much and avoid fear

Do you also belong to the People which often thinking too much and things through it much worse do than they actually are?

Nothing is nearly like that bad as we do sometimes color in. We interpret into that behavior other often something Certain in and then realize that they are only one bad day had.

Subconsciously but we often do this back to us. Too much ponder is definitely not exactly healthy and Brooding costs you energy, time and especially enjoyment of life.

in the worst case do you go to a Downward spiral, in the Panic attacks, Fears or depressions ends.

Is not to be thought impossible. We people think always and also when us deliberately will that we have too much about something think and only us again unnecessary Worrying about it, it is mostly anyway not exactly easy in order to stop.

I have ... for you 5 tipswho will help you fears to avoid going through too much think arise. You will inside become calmer and your days more relaxed to be able to enjoy.

5 tips on how to stop thinking so much

1. Lose your identity

We think too much after because we care recall, who we believe to be. The secret to quitting is from it to let gowho you think you are.

Who are you?

Maybe now you say I am Lawyer, architect, Comedian or something else. This is not what you are This is what you do.

Who are you?

You tell me i am English people, German, Frenchman or something else. That's what the society says that you are.

Roam all of these layers path. They are nothing more than subconscious programmingthat you are in your own mental prison hold tight.

The what you believe to be is that what you do.

You see, we put ours social function with our authentic identity equal.

You are nothing more than Atoms, pure energy, the one human experience to have.

Nevertheless brooding we what to Fears and panic leads because we are one Appearance must preserve. We must the illusion upheld by what the world of us would like to be.

The first stepSo to stop thinking so much is yours own identity questioning.

I'm really just mine Skin color, my hair, my job, Etc?

You are not allowed in these Labels get stuck - yours nationality, yours race, yours religion. You are so much more than that.

2. Don't run away from your thoughts

Many of us to attempt with thoughts to flee. It is not correct going to the gym, going running, or doing something else to help yourself distract to want.

It is a mistake, for it does not solve your problem. You can deflection don't use it to stop thinking too much.

You have to face your problem pose confidentlyto then laugh at yourself to be able to.

Then what happenswhen you say i have a lot of problemsso i'm going just runningso as not to think about them?

You lock them in and they come in most unexpected moment to the fore. You may have dinner with your family and catch up because of a trifle to get loud. You felt a inner anger and recognize you not even more.

The solution is not to To judge. It is not about your thoughts to escape but to learn not to judge, that you can stop thinking too much.

Many of us are very judgmental towards yourself. The moment you make it yourself and your thoughts are not so much anymore to condemn, is the moment when you stop judging other people.

You can't go ahead your thoughts run away. You can do it Do not judge. Good, bad, I mustn't think this, I mustn't think this.

All of these are just Programmingthat you need to delete.

3. Surround yourself with people who accept you

Because if you do that don't do, you will wonder if they are you accept.

So many of us to attempt somewhere to fit in. The Cinderella effect - Your sisters try to squeeze into your shoe. But it just works Not.

Why surrounds you are with a group of people that you actually are with does not get along properly?

We surround we often prefer with the wrong peoplebefore we are alone to ourselves.

Learn your own company to love and then learn with you People to surround you like that accept how you really are

And above all, learn to yourself estimate and to accept. That is often heavybecause we do what we do with confound who we are and many of what they do don't really like it.

4. Let go of perfection

perfectionism let gois where perfectionism begins.

The reason many try Perfectionists to be is because we ourselves too much worry around past and future events do.

Each anxiety arises from that wish the moment, the present escape.

And that's what happens when you think too much. You try everything perfect get it. But we don't live in one perfect world.

Things happen. Things will fall down. All you have to do is get her back to cancel and stop to worry about it.

But if you try everything always right to make becomes a little slip lead to the fact that you cannot forgive yourself.

You do one big mistake and will subconsciously Say to yourself that you will pay the price

Do you see how we meet treat yourself, when we too much thought do about anything?

5. Nothing is ever as serious as you think it is

Learn things from one different perspective consider.

No matter how big your problems also are. You are HERE.

Go on sea. You see Tons of water and you will find that your Problems are not as big as you thought.

That's why you should wear it more often a beach walk. If you're like me not nearby live on a beach, then go to a place where you can get the view get that one bird Has.

Go to the highest point your area, the highest mountain and then look down.

We are like Ants in this huge universe. That doesn't mean we insignificant are. It just means that we Part of this eco-system and not that whole universe are.

So if you learn the Things in perspective to put it, you will realize that yourself too much thought to make a Feedback loop generated. Because whatever you are on concentrate, grows.

When you tell yourself I don't want to these thoughts you end up with exactly this thought. You don't have to allow yourself to judge, what you think. Because then you will judgment and resistance get rid of what you think you should think.

And now breathe deep on and off and leave your problems Come on. I wish you a great day!

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