How is the HP 14 al176tx laptop

Powerful HP Chromebook X360 14C-CA0004ND replacement battery (60Wh, 3 cells)


Question: How can I check if this HP Chromebook X360 14C-CA0004ND battery is compatible with my laptop?

1 Find the model name label or the part number label on the battery on the bottom of your laptop keyboard (on the back of some models). Then find the appropriate model name and part number in the Product Compatibility List on this website.
2 Compare the voltage and capacity of your original one Chromebook X360 14C-CA0004ND battery with ours and then check the overall picture of our product to see if the interface and general shape are the same.
3 If you have any questions, you can click “Contact Us” or “How do I find the right battery?”.

Question: How do I load mine HP Chromebook X360 14C-CA0004ND battery right on?

Answer: Since the current lithium-ion battery has no memory effect, you do not need to charge the new HP Chromebook X360 14C-CA0004ND battery for 12 hours or more when you first use it. All you need to do is fully charge the battery. If the laptop is connected to external power, the battery will stop charging and discharging after the charging process is complete. The battery is then continuously supplied with power from the external power source. If you frequently use an external power source, please note that to prolong the life of the battery for the HP Chromebook X360 14C-CA0004ND, you should run the laptop several times a week from the battery instead of the external power source. When using the battery, please note that the battery power must not be used up. When the remaining power is 20%, you need to connect an external power supply.

Question: How do I have to Battery for HP Chromebook X360 14C-CA0004ND maintain daily?

1 Avoid using up the battery power completely.
2 Set the laptop power option to “Power Save”.
3 Disable some unnecessary applications that are consuming a lot of power.
4 Reduce the brightness of the screen as much as possible.
5 If the outside temperature is too high, for example when running a large application, the cooler should be used to speed up heat dissipation.
6 If the laptop is not going to be used for an extended period of time, discharge the battery once a month and then recharge it. Finally, remove it and store it in a cool, dry place.