How can a state survive nuclear attacks

Hawaii: Government Tells Citizens How To Survive A Nuclear Attack

Flickr / James VaughanThe government of Hawaii has released a directive explaining how to survive a nuclear war. The 50th state lies exactly between North Korea and mainland North America.

The instruction says that people should watch out for emergency sirens, notifications on mobile devices or flashes of “white light” because these are signs that a nuclear attack is underway.


In such a case, the government gives the instruction to go into houses and use the radio to find out more, as “cell phones, televisions and the Internet are partially unusable”. The local radio stations are supposed to help survive.

In the homes, Hawaiian citizens should stay away from windows, the statement said. If you are in the car, you are instructed to leave the street so that ambulances, police and military get through quickly. Once inside a building, citizens are no longer supposed to go outside until they are told otherwise - but at the earliest after two weeks, since the atomic dust could make them sick or even kill them.


You can read the full explanation here: