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Generation Y? Or is it already Z? Yes what now & what kind of generations anyway ?!

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on a slightly different topic, or a slightly different blog series, this week I'll upload a blog post almost every evening on the topic: "Our generation of today" and I'm curious what you think about this type of blog week will

Generation Y - or is it already Generation Z? What are we really now? What about vegan? fast moving with the generation? Generation Internet? Generation incapable of relationships? and generation bothered to eat?

Lately I've been more and more concerned with people themselves, with our behavior, our development and what makes us who we are. Are we already Generation Z or are we just a bad copy of GenY?

What is Generation Y anyway?

When speaking of Generation Y, one mostly speaks of the years between: 1980-1995 / 1999 in which the people were born (the exact delimitation is controversial and varies from country to country). This Generation Y also briefly Gen Y or Generation “Why” called “Why”. (This is simply because the letter "Y" is pronounced like "Why" in English.). Because Gen Y is the generation of questioners. It is those who make fewer compromises in their day-to-day work and place more value on them "Work-life balance" put.

You want to think, act for yourself and, above all, be flexible in what you do every day. Happiness comes before money, just as personality comes before career. They want to create a meaning in their work and at the same time place more and more emphasis on the environment and social justice.

Then what is Generation Z?

Generation Z, also known as Gen Z, refers to all those who were born in 1999 or later (although some of them mention 1995 as early as 1995). It is the generation of the future that is slowly slipping into the “past” category against Gen's Y. Crazy, right? All of this changes so quickly and should I still belong to Gen Y and now belong to the past? Well, I don't know ... We can People really in generations split up? A strict division of years? I think so in a certain way, but still there are enough people who keep up with the times and don't stop. Do these people still belong to the past?

“These are typical questions I ask me and which will appear quite often this week from me. "

What is this future generation now? What can she do and how much do we already know about her?

→ Yes, that is the questionwhat do you know about her anyway? According to the numbers, nobody in this future generation is over 17 (as of November 13, 2016). Can you really analyze that much? I mean most of them are just about to grow up, theirs Driver's license to do and yet they are already starting out in the professional world. How do you know if these characteristics don't belong to the "old" Generation Y after all?

Well, I would say we don't know exactly yet, because we are right in the middle of these formative years and can see for ourselves how everything is changing. However, Gen Z is already one step ahead of us. They are fast-paced and determined, most of them know what they want and will do everything in their power to get there. There are hardly any teams here, but the mentality “everyone fights for himself” lives. Sad but true, that's what it looks like.

In addition, this generation was not run down hard with electronics and technology, no Gen Z was there born into it. They don't even know a world without technology, the Internet and mobile devices, even if they don't learn it any other way from an early age.

"What the Panini album was for us, is the selfie gallery on Instagram & Co. for Z's."

Let's just look at the toddlers on the school buses playing around with their smartphones even though these devices are almost as big as their own heads. If we really think we Y's are familiar with the technology and really know it, we should perhaps take a closer look at our “little ones”. Take a conscious look at the “can” or “know” your little brothers, cousins ​​or relatives. You'd be amazed at the tricks and tips they have in store that you may not have heard of before. 😉

But can these children really do something about the fact that they grew up in this generation and that they somehow feel “obliged” (or rather it feels so normal for them) to have a smartphone? Or can the parents do something about the fact that the children want to own a mobile device at the age of 10, 11, and 12? Who is "fault“Who can really do something about it?

“In my opinion, have both to blame and again notHow because it is a "group urge" which the children cannot resist and which makes it anything but easy for the parents to make a pedagogically meaningful decision. "

So where should this generation go? Where should we move them?

Do they belong to the newer version of Generation X? (a preliminary stage before Gen Y || i.e. 1st GenX - 2nd GenY - 3rd GenZ). Do they belong a better version, are they smarter and at the same time more manipulable than the X's?

But the most important question in my opinion:

What does this mean for the future and especially for the world of work?

Wherever against the Gens Y (up to around 1999) strongly advocated the “work-life balance”, the Z's now tend to separate again. It is said that they have noticed that flexibility in the workplace can have more pitfalls than advantages and so they tend to wander in the direction of:

Clear separation of work from leisure with clear and defined working hours in which everyone is responsible for themselves.

You don't want to hear about home office and workaholic anymore, you don't want to run around from project to project but concentrate on one thing intensively and qualitatively. They do not want to risk a burn-out. They have deterred their previous cohorts from it too much.

Gen Z should be happier and less satisfied .. They should be this and that .. But let's be honest we are in the middle of this generation. I think most of them don't even know what they really want or should and that's exactly where I see the problem. How should CHILDREN (!!) please know which way to go? How should you know if studying is something for you and if so, what? How should you know whether an education would not be suitable for you and what arguments should this child use to explain to their parents that they are not going to study?

At a time when more and more and more children, teenagers but also people in general are required. Maybe I see all of this too skeptically, but I ask myself:

“WHERE is all of this supposed to lead? I I will soon see the 16 year olds sitting at home exhausted and completely exhausted because they cannot cope with all the decisions and growing up. How then? HOW for anything in the world you should grow up so quickly and make the right decisions if you don't even know who you are yourself. You have never learned it ... You just know that you have to achieve something and have a pressure on your shoulders from an early age and I think you will at school (personal opinion) not prepared for real life. "

These are just my personal thoughts, but I honestly find it scary what's expected of the kids and teenagers. I mean, I myself know what was expected "back then" (I'm only 21 years old 😀) and I can see what is expected of the really young Generation Z. I just wonder HOW are they supposed to do it. You really learn everything at school, from English to Japanese, from chemistry to physics, mathematics and other subjects, but why doesn't anyone teach you how to stand on your own two feet?

Tax returns? Save up? handle money? How to deal with his family? RESPECT? find the right way? Banks? Rules and all that !! Of course the school subjects are important, but what should I do with being able to calculate certain thermal baths and be able to speak fluent Japanese when I am already overwhelmed with the little things in life?

Well enough for now, I've really gone a bit far. I would now really be interested in how YOU see all of this.

Ps .: Please do not say anything about my spelling or commas. This is about the content, not my mistakes. 🙂