Who is stronger than the second or fourth Hokage

>> When will I finally wake up again? I don't want anymore! <<

With all the strength he could muster, he tried to move. He wanted to hit himself, but it didn't help. He stayed in this cold darkness, completely enclosed by the earth. Sheer panic flooded him. He hadn't been able to breathe for a while, which only increased his fear. He wanted to get out of here. He wanted out of the hole and out of that shitty dream, or the vision ... or whatever that was.

He closed his eyes and pleaded one last time:


A pain in his right hand made him startle. Breathing heavily, Naruto looked around and saw Kurama in front of him. He blinked several times and tried to orient himself. It didn't take long until his breathing had calmed down again and so he propped himself up with one hand and wanted to relax. Unfortunately it was the right hand. With his face contorted with pain, he now looked more closely at his hand. There were bite marks. With a half malicious and half questioning look, he looked at Kurama and waited for an explanation.

"I was just trying to wake you up.", He tried to explain immediately and bowed his head intimidated. “You didn't show any emotion, but I felt your panic and fear. However, since I couldn't wake you up, I tried to bite you. "

"It's okay.", The blonde uttered exhausted and leaned back against the tree. "That was really a fucking dream ... Vision ... Whatever!"

"Tell me.", Kakashi asked the blonde and turned shortly afterwards in his direction. "If you tell us what you see we can help you to cope better with it."

Naruto didn't answer immediately, but thought for a moment - which led Kakashi to assume that the boy didn't want to talk after all.

“You can of course keep it quiet ... Don't worry. We'll come to visit you in the institution if you've mutated into a psychopath. ", Kakashi said with a nasty grin - which Naruto couldn't see through the mask and the darkness.

"Very funny.", Naruto replied and took a deep breath. "I was just thinking."

"And what did you see now?", Kakashi asked again.

“I was in someone else's body. In a little girl. She was buried alive. ", He started and paused for a moment. "It felt so real, as if ... I'm really experiencing this - and not just dreaming."

"I would have panic there too," Kurama stated. He could still feel a faint whiff of the emotion their connection had conveyed to him.

Kakashi had raised his right eyebrow a little and was thinking about how that must feel. Shortly afterwards he shook himself a little to get rid of the feeling.

"Naruto? Are you still there? ”Kurama asked after a few minutes. He had been watching his partner. He was still leaning against the tree and looking up at the sky.

"Where else should I be?", Naruto asked shortly afterwards and looked at the fox confused.

"The Kyugan is active.", Kurama indicated and continued to look at the blonde, whose confusion had now increased significantly.

A little breeze rushed past them and made some leaves dance in front of them.

"Strange." Naruto remarked and thought. He couldn't explain why the Kyugan was active. At that moment he finally saw 'normal' and his dream vision was also over.