This is how the priming pump works

Centrifugal pump explanation

You have to deal with the topic of centrifugal pumps in many different areas.

The reason for this is that centrifugal pumps are especially popular today Industry are represented .

But even in private use you cannot do without the practical pumps that transport your liquids.

So that you know exactly what a centrifugal pump is, what its tasks are and how it works, you should read through this explanation.

Explanation: the history and types

The centrifugal pump certainly is not an invention of modern times, but since the 17th
In the 19th century, the simple yet effective principle of action was used.
In earlier times were the executions still much easier and were mostly operated by hand, but today they can you Lean back and let the centrifugal pump work for you.
As the popularity of this type of pump has continued to grow, there is now a large selection of different types.

These work on a large scale and all on the same principle, with some minor differences.
To explain: Some models run with multiple drive axles, while other models are installed differently so that they work.
Some examples of this are the side channel pump, radial pump or axial pump.

An easy explanation: this is how the pump works

The function of the pump does not require much explanation.
There is an impeller inside the pump.

This is set in motion via a drive axle.

The liquid inside is now accelerated and pressed against the outermost edge of the pump impeller by the known centrifugal force.

This allows the liquid to escape from the outlet of the pump.
At the same time, a negative pressure develops inside the device.
This ensures that more liquid is sucked in.

This is the simplest explanation for a centrifugal pump.

What is possible with the pump?

The centrifugal pump cannot all kindsof matters move and relocate.
The device has limits which you should pay attention to when using it.
Consequently can you alone liquids use which are not too viscous.
If these are present, there may be problems with suction or ejection.
This type of pump has become indispensable in the industrial sector in particular.
It is used in processes that are to be continued continuously, i.e. without interruption.
This is particularly the case in the production of food, so that, for example, milk, water, liquid butter or similar are promoted.

In domestic use, a centrifugal pump can be used for pumping water.

For example, you can use the device in your garden pond or fountain to pump water.
But the pump can also be responsible for the water supply of the house.