Set goals to improve yourself

reach a targetThis is how you really achieve your goal

In order to achieve goals, our emotions need to be involved. What do you think our impulses for action are controlled more by reason or more by emotions? Is it primarily conscious decisions or are there rather unconscious processes behind them?

Answering these questions would probably make an interesting doctoral thesis, because these factors cannot be separated or calculated that easily and precisely. Rather, they interact with one another. It is a very individual mix of influences that makes us decide and act when achieving our goals.

In our brain there is a constant interplay between behavior control and emotional evaluation. The limbic system regulates and continuously checks which behaviors and sensory perceptions are positive or negative. It checks what should be repeated or avoided in the future.

When you think about your goal, you become aware of your emotions. Which feelings arise? Accept them - as they are. Because perceiving and allowing feelings is important in order to recognize impulses for action. Basically, every feeling is fine as it is, even if we rate it as positive or negative. Feel joy, happiness or curiosity. Then use that to strengthen your implementation energy. If fearful feelings are mixed in, these can be indications of obstacles. Differentiation of emotions is helpful here. It works like this: