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Zodiac typology

With the help of our typology for each zodiac sign, find out which character traits are typical for you and which strengths and weaknesses your zodiac sign brings with it. Find out more about the typology by clicking on your zodiac sign:
















Pisces are the twelfth sign of the zodiac. Your planet is Neptune and your element is water.

Sensitive and vulnerable

The fish is just hard to grasp, anyone who has tried to really understand it can tell a song about it. He only uses the trick of diving down for self-protection, because the typical fish is more sensitive and vulnerable than it would like. He therefore tries to avoid threatening disputes. His intuition and inspiration also help him quite well, because he can sense dangers in good time and promising opportunities do not remain hidden from him.

Modest and good-natured

Pisces can rely on their imagination and, above all, their inspirations, and their premonitions are usually spot on. But they never come across as cocky; instead of big words, they use soft tones. Her humility goes down well with others, as does her empathy and big heart for others, especially the weak and needy. But this is exactly where their greatest weakness lies, because sometimes their good-naturedness is exploited. If this happens too often, Pisces can sometimes become quite suspicious and withhold their real feelings.

Self-discipline required

Pisces are very sensitive contemporaries who know without big words what the other feels and thinks. Her reluctance to look the bare truth in the face allows her imagination to flourish. They want to do everything but not the consequences for their feelings or their actions. Occasionally they tend to drift, self-discipline is not exactly a strength of the Pisces. This is due to Neptune, their planet, which seduces them to not always look at the things in life so realistically.

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Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. Its planets are Saturn and Uranus, its element is air.

Never boring

The planet Uranus ensures that the typical Aquarius likes to show himself as an original contemporary. Everything that is extraordinary and sometimes a bit bizarre attracts Aquarius. That sometimes makes it difficult to assess it, at times it is even unpredictable, but it also prevents boredom.

The love of independence

His love for independence is legendary. Aquarius willingly accepts many a detour if he can only avoid the cliffs of the conservative social order. His great strength are the many ideas that he has every day, but occasionally there is a lack of stamina, and so it often does not work with their implementation. If only because he simply doesn't have the time to realize all of the flashes of thought.

Fascinated by reforms

Aquarius is always one step ahead of their fellow human beings, which is no wonder, because they are fascinated by the modern age and by reforms that improve social life. In doing so, he proves to be a true visionary, which often unsettles his fellow men more than it inspires them. Many Aquarians are therefore often dismissed as crazy. When you see their bizarre and extraordinary plans, it's not at all surprising.

Surrounded by individual characters

Aquarius' circle of acquaintances is just as colorful and unusual as his ideas. Everything that is original can be found here: artists, birds of paradise, scientists, all people who have an individual character. They also feel at ease with him, because a particularly likeable quality of Aquarius is his camaraderie.

Risk of getting bogged down

Aquarius is helpful and always there for his friends. Since he mostly knows God and the world, it can happen that he is on the way from one mission to the next and sometimes gets a little bogged down. Unfortunately, he forgets some of his great ideas that he really wanted to implement. Sometimes less would just be more!

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November 23rd - December 21st

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac. Its planet is Jupiter and its element is fire.

A born optimist

The lively and independent Sagittarius is a born optimist. He wants to be generous and free, because nothing irritates a Sagittarius more than petty people. He needs a breath of the big wide world and also a few adventures.

Freedom-loving and dreamy

Much would be easier for him to endure if this urge for freedom and knowledge did not catch up with him again and again. Even if there are many shooters who get along well with everyday routine, they all have something of a buccaneer or nature boy about them; this applies equally to women and men. A Sagittarius needs the spiritual address and intellectual challenge, but also enough time to dream. Impulsiveness and thoughtfulness at the same time form a unique mixture that defines the typical Sagittarius.

Openness or tactlessness?

Sagittarius is truthful. He's an open-minded guy who says what he thinks, often without considering losses. Unfortunately, some shooters confuse openness with tactlessness. This often conceals the fear of having to make too many compromises that could potentially cost him his independence. It is not always easy to teach a Sagittarius that the truth is something very precious and that it must be handled with care. Since he is so honest, he sometimes passes on information carelessly that he should have kept to himself. His good faith keeps getting him into tricky situations.

Careful to let the mind wander in the distance

As naive as he sometimes seems, the Sagittarius is interested in profound philosophy and wisdom and is absolutely anxious to let his mind wander into the distance. Some Sagittarius are very religious or interested in esotericism. But basically, the main purpose of this is to find a form of freedom. And after all, nothing Sagittarius values ​​more than personal freedom.

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December 22nd - January 20th

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. Its planet is Saturn and its element is the earth.

Thoughtful and yet persistent

Like its fellow animal, the ibex makes its way up safely and without stumbling. Each of his leaps is deliberate and fearless. The Capricorn wants to achieve something. And since he soon realizes that nothing falls into his lap, he trains for the struggle for life in his own way. He is not a striker, but paves his way slowly, step by step. No ascent will be too steep for him. He takes his time because he is persistent and tough.

A solid foundation is desired

In fact, most ibex have amazing careers, being long distance runners. He is not interested in showmanship and short-lived trends, the Capricorn wants to build his life on a solid foundation. He values ​​quality that is timeless. He buys very expensive things, provided that they are not subject to fashion or too much wear and tear. His style is classic, with a cool twist.

Hard worker

Since they are very conscientious, Capricorns can only relax when they have completed their daily workload. Unfortunately, he often undertakes so much that it never comes to that. It is only in the second half of life that most ibex find the necessary leisure time to rest a little on hard-earned laurels. But they need a certain security to be able to show themselves a little more relaxed.

Solid interests

The typical Capricorn is not a fan of loud parties and exuberant celebrations. He will never give up his serious note completely and prefers to go to a concert or the opera in his free time. He also likes to eat out every now and then, preferably in a restaurant where he has already found the quality and service to be good.

An outspoken realist

You can have profound conversations with him, but the Capricorn will not be particularly resourceful or rambling. He is and remains an outspoken realist and has both feet firmly on the ground. You can't fool him so quickly, he only believes what he sees for himself.

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October 24th - November 22nd

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac. Its planets are Pluto and Mars, its element is water.

The poisonous sting

The small animal with the poisonous sting scares many people and for a long time the human scorpions had to live with certain prejudices against their zodiac sign: They were accused of vindictiveness and deceit. But that is by no means true of them.

A real individualist

Scorpios can be headstrong, strong and proud, but they only use their sting when they feel threatened. A Scorpio wants to analyze everything and get to the bottom of the secrets of life. Hardly anything escapes his X-ray vision. Such a Scorpio is not a comfortable person, but a real individualist. He is merciless on the injustices of life and human weaknesses and uses his intelligence skillfully. But what some fear, others see as strength of character and positive personality.


A Scorpio goes his own way and is seldom afraid of the real challenge. Yes, he really needs it, only then does he feel really good. The reason for this is Mars, who rules Scorpio alongside Pluto. Mars is the battle planet and so the Scorpio provokes a little controversy in order to stay in shape and to be able to measure his strength with others.

Unyielding and strict

You shouldn't show any weakness in a Scorpio and you shouldn't challenge him, especially not when he is in an aggressive mood, because then he knows no mercy. Even if many a Scorpio disguises themselves with even the best manners, you should never underestimate their unyielding and strict nature.

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August 24th - September 23rd

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac. Your planet is Mercury and your element is Earth.

The analytical eye for every detail

Mercury, the planet of the mind and thoughts, rules the demanding Virgo. She therefore likes to think about God and the world and is a critical observer of her environment. How much sympathy she could earn if she were a little more gracious with her less perfect conspecifics. But she does not miss a single detail and she will always be on the track of mistakes. Incidentally, this does not only apply to others, Virgo also observes herself with an analytical eye.

Dutifully and with a keen mind

She is fascinated by success and performance and is ready to put a lot of effort on the way to the top, but not at any price. With an eye for the essentials, a lot of understanding and a sharp tongue, the Virgo sets off on her life path. She wants to organize her affairs safely and clearly. Risk is a foreign word for her, she prefers to rely on her workforce, her sense of duty and her alert mind.

Eager to learn

Most Virgos are very intelligent and always keen to train their minds. A Virgo does not want to stop at old knowledge, but always want to learn something new. Many a class leader were born under the sign of Virgo, and of course many teachers too. The excellent memory allows the Virgo to accumulate an unusual amount of knowledge within himself.

Advice, often behind the scenes

In the end, Virgo is a human being, thanks to Mercury's influence. It doesn't push her to power herself, she prefers to be the puller in the background, giving wise advice and ultimately maintaining everything. The advice of the virgin will be reluctant to go without, after all, she is a specialist in various fields.

Accurate and reliable

The typical Virgo loves everything clear, symmetrical, exact and is up for any reasonable compromise. She is rarely late, sticks to agreements and actually never misplaces anything. The Virgo is well organized and is sure to develop a functional system of order. When she receives recognition, it spurs her on to ever better performance.

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September 24th - October 23rd

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac. Its planet is Venus and its element is air.

On a diplomatic mission

Basically, Libra want nothing but peace and harmony. Her charming and diplomatic manner often lets the scales act as mediator, but she often gets caught between the fronts herself.

Artistic and in need of harmony

Their ability to bring harmony into everyday life often manifests itself in an artistic activity and the aversion to arguments. The finer things in life seem to have been made for Libra. It is not by chance that so many Libra deal with art, fashion and luxury items.

Friendly and stylish

Questions of taste do not cause problems for scales, and it is a real pleasure for them to add a little style and elegance to their everyday lives. The typical Libra is friendly and well-groomed, but difficult to please. When she expresses criticism, she always does so with a smile on her face. Venus gives Libra their natural kindness, which is not always correctly interpreted by other people. This is why the following applies to all scales: exercise your elbows and assert yourself more often!

Sense of fairness and justice

Another characteristic of Libra is their keen sense of fairness and justice. That is also the reason why Libra takes a lot of time to make important decisions. She would like to think about everything in peace and maybe also get a few opinions. Usually this tactic is quite successful, but sometimes it doesn't get any further and seems very indecisive. It is not always possible to please everyone.

Don't disappoint anyone

The scales do not like the harsh no-saying, they always incorporate a “maybe” or “possibly” into a rejection. But that can lead to misunderstandings, because not everyone understands such a subtle rejection and often the Libra with its diplomatic nature unintentionally stirs up false hopes.

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July 23rd - August 23rd

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. Its planet is the sun and its element is fire.

Spotlight, applause and admiration

The spotlight is irresistible to the lion. A Leo longs for applause and admiration. With a proud demeanor and unshakable self-confidence, the lion wants to conquer his own realm. Of course, he knows exactly how to best use his bright smile and attraction. His sunny nature makes him popular and the focus of many a society. He attaches great importance to status symbols and luxury, because he likes to underline his luminous image with shine and thus wants to impress his fellow men.

Generous and fair-loving

If he can get his vanity under control and concentrate on the essentials, he can achieve great things. It is not for nothing that the proud lion, a symbol of courage, strength and superiority, adorns so many coats of arms of large families. The typical Leo will always try to get to the top. But that doesn't make him unpopular with others, because he usually proceeds with a lot of generosity and has a pronounced sense of justice. However, he has to be careful not to get a little arrogant every now and then.

He is happy to take on responsibility

The lion also copes well with the gray everyday life. He is only too happy to take on responsibility and grow with it. He would like to only take on tasks that correspond to his ideas and requirements. If that is not possible, the king of the beasts likes to buck.

Courageous and fearless in dangerous situations

The lion is ruled by the sun and like the sun, he also shines and spreads a certain warmth around him. Generous and as a protector of the weak, he always has to be careful not to be exploited. As easy as he sometimes likes to make himself comfortable, he can brave and fearlessly get into dangerous situations when fighting oppression and meanness.Then he forgets his royal distance and lets the others feel his claws until his sovereignty is restored.

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May 22nd - June 21st

The twins are the third sign of the zodiac. Her planet is Mercury and her element is air.

Two faces

The typical Gemini needs variety and movement like others need the air to breathe. He loves the hype, only then is he in his element. Making contacts is his great strength, but whether he can always keep them is questionable. Because what seems enchantingly non-binding to one, may simply be superficial to the other. Even if twins sometimes talk like a book and are apparently open, they still keep their second face to themselves. Trying to judge a Gemini is difficult because sometimes he himself doesn't know what to do in the next moment. He plays with a thousand possibilities and loves to taste a little of everything.

Active and charming

Everything that takes a long time bores him. So the twin changes his convictions, his theories and maybe also his profession more often. The new fascinates him, he wants to be informed and up to date. A Gemini is never clumsy, but usually cheerful and agile. To have to sit quietly is the greatest punishment for him. Geminis have a nimble mind, agile body and a dazzling charm that helps those around them to forget their little, annoying unreliability right away. In addition, they are not at a loss for any excuse and still refreshingly honest in their own way.

Do many things at once

A Gemini possesses this special versatility and restlessness that causes discomfort to many a simpler mind. He usually acts faster than others and can easily do several things at once. One twin has been active for a long time while the others are still reading the instruction manual. His alert mind constantly needs new nourishment.

Happy to travel

For this reason, many twins like to travel for their life, usually they are even on the road a lot for work, because hiking from place to place invigorates them. In this way they go through life with great pace, begin many things, but only bring a few to an end. Their purpose is more to be found in the role of mediator, the messenger who moves between the worlds and delivers information.

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June 22nd - July 22nd

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. Its planet is the moon and its element is water.

Friendly and yet cautious

Hard shell, soft core - this description probably applies to most crabs. By nature soulful, they need an unusually long time before they open their hearts to others. Humanity plays an important role for a Cancer, he himself likes to set a good example, which brings him a lot of sympathy. When they're not bothered by one of their moods, Cancers can be very social and fun. They approach their fellow human beings in a friendly yet cautious manner, are good listeners and even better observers. They always have advice ready for those around them, but they sometimes feel at a loss when it comes to their own problems.

Childlike and maternal at the same time

The moon is the sign of Cancer and from an astrological point of view it symbolizes childhood, but also the mother. Cancer usually has something child-like and maternal about it at the same time. He is as sensitive as a child and quickly withdraws into his shell when problems arise. He tends to be overly sensitive and to worry a lot, often completely unnecessarily. But when others need his help, he is there quickly and always has an open ear for his fellow human beings.

Black seers

The great danger with cancer is its pessimism. He can't believe that everything should go smoothly and is looking for a stumbling block. So it happens that he wants to protect people who are close to his heart from all dangers, and sometimes he does not notice how he is clutching and constricting them in the process.

Great need for harmony

Cancer lives its real life internally, not externally. He is one of the kindest zodiac signs, kind, soulful and soft. But he knows how soft he is, which is why he tries consistently to avoid dangers. Delicate situations, aggressive people or even open arguments are anathema to him.


Every day you can see how the moon changes. Cancer-borns also have this rhythm in their being. You can therefore change your mood very quickly. Her barometer ranges from cheering as high as the sky to death saddened and many people feel annoyed by this moodiness. Many a rumbling cancer just wants to hear a kind word.

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April 21st - May 21st

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. Its planet is Venus and its element is the earth.

Sensual connoisseur

Taurus is very natural and solid and since it is ruled by Venus, it is also very sensual and particularly fond of all the beautiful things in life. And as a connoisseur, he has taste. Not only is his tongue fine, his sense of colors and shapes is also particularly strong.

Energetic yet patient

A Taurus does not shy away from working towards goals either. He approaches the things he is convinced of with great force. With his famous golden nose, he smells money wherever it can be found and makes it his own. Patience is his strength, as is his ability to remain calm even in tricky situations, which, however, can sometimes degenerate into stubbornness. He takes his time and wants to find his own natural rhythm.

Great strength of will

Quality is the key! Taurus is fascinated by solid, reliable values, because they too have to offer. He is characterized by strength and a firm will. Nervous and impatient people prefer to flee immediately when they come up against him. Venus gives the bulls an idiosyncratic character and also a great strength for everything creative.

Solid as a rock

A real Taurus always sticks to what it sees and can understand. For him, dreams are mere foams, what matters is reality. Some people pull their hair out of their realistic and prosaic manner. But that is precisely why a Taurus is a solid as a rock for many people, by which one can orientate oneself. Taurus strive for security and property in their lives and are happy to take care of them. What they once call their own, they won't give back anytime soon.

Very close to nature

Many bulls are very close to nature and need a detour to rural areas at regular intervals to relax. If you do not already live in the country, you will at least dream of a little house in the countryside or a small garden on the balcony. Many a Taurus has a knack for plants that he lovingly tends.

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March 21st - April 20th

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Mars. Its element is fire.

The motto is forward

At the beginning of spring the people who we assign to the zodiac sign Aries are born. This point in time corresponds to the natural beginning of the year. Just as nature renews itself and naturally smooths its way, so does the Aries advance. The whole simple and carefree vitality of nature, which knows no deep questions, vibrates in this person. The motto is forward, always with a new beginning in mind. In every Aries there is this belief in his strength, this sometimes almost childlike nature.

Open and honest

Aries is full of energy and courage, full of fiery impulses. So it's no wonder that his success lies in the fact that he acts faster than others, but unfortunately sometimes also a little rashly. He does not like complicated relationships, he wants to grasp something quickly and ideally take action immediately. Ruled by the battle planet Mars, he is not afraid of any confrontations, yes, sometimes he looks for them in order to be able to measure his strength with others. The typical Aries is not a diplomat, he seeks the open and honest word. He rarely holds back with his opinion for long. Some people particularly appreciate him because you always know where you stand with him. Others, however, prefer to hide when he makes comments that hit the mark but are sometimes hurtful.

He loves danger

Aries love the feeling of having their finger on the pulse and directly influencing what is happening. They go straight to their destination without much detours. You love the danger, the risk, the quick decision. Your action is a mixture of attack and fresh impulse. Certainly there are also lamb-pious representatives of this zodiac sign, but these are more the exception or the lost sheep.

Lots of human warmth

Since Aries was born in a fire sign, he also has a lot of human warmth in him. Even if you can hardly believe it sometimes, there are very caring Aries with a lot of heart. The rough charm is simply part of it. But behind the rough shell there is a soft core.

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