Where do Donald Trump's ancestors come from?

ZDFinfo shows a documentary about the origins of Donald Trump

The roots of the US President are in the German provinces: in the documentary "The Trumps - From the Palatinate to the White House", the path of the clan is traced.

Not sane, a danger to the world or someone who finally takes action? No matter how you judge Donald Trump - the controversial billionaire is certainly not a normal US president. But while people now think they are well informed about his gigantic economic empire, his family clan and his image of women, the origins of his ancestors have so far only been discussed as a marginal funfact. That is now changing with the ZDF documentary "The Trumps - From the Palatinate to the White House", which will be broadcast on ZDFinfo on Friday, August 11th (8:15 pm).

Because the roots of the billion dollar Trump family can be found in the German province, in the middle of the Palatinate. From there, in the small town of Kallstadt, Trump's grandfather Friedrich Trump emigrated to the United States at the end of the 19th century - the beginning of an impressive US migration story that Paul Berceller's film traces.

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From the American build-up of a small company by the grandfather to the continuation of the business by the father Fred Trump, who created a brand out of it, to the takeover by the son Donald, who gave the empire and the clan the face it is today.

Source: teleschau - the media service