Who is responsible for the CIA

Report: CIA responsible for hacking attacks on Iranian government and Russian secret service

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is said to have carried out dozens of cyber attacks worldwide since 2018. According to a report by Yahoo News, they were directed against the government of Iran, several Iranian banks and suppliers to the Russian secret service FSB. Former US government officials are cited as sources.

In 2018, US President Donald Trump granted the CIA extensive powers to carry out cyber operations around the world. They allowed the secret service to expand its activities well beyond surveillance and data collection. The CIA is said to have made use of this, especially in the past year.

In the report, for example, the publication of hacking tools by the APT34 group on Telegram, which is supported by the Iranian government, is now assigned to the CIA. In addition, the secret service, also on Telegram, is said to have made the identity of agents of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard public.

The CIA stole details of 15 million bank cards from three Iranian banks with links to the Revolutionary Guards - and published them as well. In addition, the CIA is said to have leaked data to the hacker group Digital Revolution that came from an attack on two companies, which in turn supply the Russian FSB with cyber weapons and surveillance solutions.

Yahoo News sources said such operations had not been approved by previous US administrations. For fear of retaliation, they have always acted very carefully against hostile foreign services and organizations.

The decree of the US President in 2018 put the decision on offensive cyber actions in the hands of the US secret service. Prior to this, all actions had to be coordinated with the White House and the National Security Council. According to Yahoo News, the change in course was not only met with approval from the US government.

Among other things, a lack of control by the National Security Council was criticized. However, it is said to have meant that earlier operations could often only be carried out after several years of planning. Other members of the government welcomed the presidential decree because it made the secret service more agile and shortened reaction times to foreign attacks.

The states in which the CIA carries out cyber operations is subject to confidentiality. According to people who are familiar with the presidential decree, Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are listed as targets. The CIA should also be authorized to be active in other countries.