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Invoicebus is the painless solution for automated invoices (special offer: 10 free templates for readers)


Invoicing isn't all that exciting, but it's a key component of success for a company.

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Invoicebus takes care of this problem and makes invoicing not only easy, but also automated. One example is how a quote you create can be seamlessly converted into an invoice. This is just the beginning of the journey that makes Invoicebus an essential tool for your business.

We're going to do a quick overview, explore the features, and then that exclusive range of fantastic free templates test for MakeUseOf readers. Read the article and then download the package.


If you test Invoicebus, you will notice a simple one-sided interface with the functions it contains. There are only two tabs: bills and deals . And the links in the upper black bar are drop-down add-ons that can be closed again with another click.

In the dashboard Outgoing invoices you can view all invoices and their status (i.e. overdue, paid, unpaid). A search field above filters the invoice results as they are entered by number, customer or description. The drop-down menu to the right of the search field can filter the status of the invoices. Select dates to view invoices by clicking the dates under A / R Invoices and quickly seeing the dates sent today, the current month or year, or all time.

When you hover over the total number of an invoice, a tooltip appears, showing the due date for the payment, the number of days overdue, the number of days paid and days owed.

Scroll down to see the total invoice amounts. Hover over these totals to display a tooltip with additional information, as shown on the screen above.

While you scroll through "Outgoing Invoices", the "Invoice Actions" window on the right remains unchanged. Everything you have to do with your invoices, from processing or creating an invoice to entering a payment to sending a thank you letter, can be done from here.

The dashboard for outgoing offers, accessed from the Quotes tab, is identical to the A / R Invoices page and works in the same way.

Need help? Below is a chat box that is easy to access, or you can click the support button along the top black bar.

Like the rest of the website, this doesn't load a new page, but opens a panel within the page with various tips and a "New Message" button to give or share feedback. You can even add attachments.

Click for Account settings just on Settings on the same black bar. Here you can adjust system settings like date and number format, user settings, current plan, payment settings and even get your friends to expand your account functions for free.


Visually, Invoicebus is one of the most appealing invoice managers. The best free ways to create and manage your invoices online. The Best Free Ways to Create and Manage Your Invoices Online It's a job scouring invoicing tools to find the ones that have the features you need. Don't let that slow your productivity down. We look at six of the best solutions. Read on I checked it out. You just can't put everything you need on a single page - that's a feature in itself.

According to the motto "simple", Invoicebus is an expert in scheduling and automation. There is a lot of tedious and repetitive work with invoicing. You create the invoice in advance but then have to go back to send it on the correct day. Or you can create an offer and then have to re-enter all the data in an invoice. When you get paid, you need to remember to send the customer a personal thank you letter. Not with Invoicebus.

Your quotes can be converted into invoices, even automatically when customers "approve" them. Invoices and quotes can be scheduled to be sent on a specific day. Personalized thank you notes can be sent automatically when payment is received. But what if a customer doesn't pay?

Whatever you do, it can be easy to forget. Invoicebus will also take care of you here and automatically remind your customers of unpaid bills.

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The ability to visually customize your invoices 10 Simple, Customizable Invoice Templates Every Freelancer Should Use 10 Simple, Customizable Invoice Templates Every Freelancer Should Use It is difficult to be a freelancer. You have to be on your A-game all the time. Read More Invoicebus has some amazing custom invoice templates for you to choose from.

It also offers Messaging templates for ideas on what to say on different occasions. These are of course also customizable and can serve as a great place to start a message when you can't think of the right words to say.

What invoice management software wouldn't be complete without compatibility with online digital payment options? Invoicebus is integrated with PayPal and Stripe, a service that allows you to accept credit cards.

Feature summary

  • One-sided design
  • Plan and automate
  • Large selection of templates
  • Completely customizable
  • Integration of online payments (PayPal & Stripe)
  • Invoice conversion rate
  • Track client activity in real time
  • Automatically reminds customers of unpaid invoices


Invoicebus does not offer free usage beyond the demo and a 30-day trial period (no credit card required). The affordable monthly cost is billable when purchased in bulk for a year or two (16% discount for 1 year, 30% discount for 2 years).

There are three plans: Minibus, single-decker and double-decker.

All plans have unlimited bills and quotes to send.

The Minibus plan limits the number of customers to 15, only allows manual payment reminders and thank you letters and basic invoice templates.

The Single decker plan limits you to 50 customers but allows automatic payment reminders and thank you letters, and offers premium and custom invoice templates.

The Limited double decker plan not the number of customers you can have, and also enables automatic payment reminders, thank you letters, and premium and custom invoice templates.

All plans allow for custom logo, multilingual and currency, item, customer and tax management, PayPal and Stripe integration, email scheduling, custom email domain support, bounce and delivery email notifications , PDF export, real-time document tracking, daily backups, SSL What is an SSL certificate and do you need one? What is an SSL Certificate and Do You Need One? Browsing the internet can be scary when personal information is involved. Read More How does the encryption work and is it really safe? Read More


  • Minibus ($ 9.95 / month)
    • 15 customers
    • Manual payment reminders / thank you letters
    • Basic templates
  • Single Decker ($ 19.95 / month)
    • 50 customers
    • Automatic payment reminders / thank you letters
    • Premium and custom templates
  • Double Decker ($ 29.95 / month)
    • Unlimited customers
    • Automatic payment reminders / thank you letters
    • Premium and custom templates

Referral bonus

Earlier in the overview I mentioned that there was a way to refer friends to Invoicebus. What do you and your friends get for it? For each person you address, you will receive 1 additional storage space to save a customer.

MakeUseOf Exclusive: Add some flare to your bills with these 10 free templates

Fact: invoices are boring. Myth: Invoices have to look boring.

Invoices are no longer expected to look sterile with white, empty space. Do you want to get paid earlier? Make your account stand out among the others. Invoicebus couples its fantastic custom invoices with a simple invoicing platform.

Invoicebus was so nice exclusively for MakeUseOf readers ten stunning invoice templates to offer . Let's see what they got!

Side note: I never thought I'd use the words "stunning" and "bill" in the same sentence ... I think that's the magic of the Invoicebus.

All invoices support custom logos, custom HTML and CSS, editable fields, configurable columns, any language / currency, and taxes and discounts.

Photo retro: The photography theme

If You're Vintage Photography More Authentic Than Instagram - 5 Smart Tips For Scanning Vintage Photos More Authentic Than Instagram - 5 Smart Tips For Scanning Vintage Photos If Youre Shot To Sepia, Black And White And The Authentic Effects Of The Old Cameras Thanks to apps like Instagram, you may have considered going into your parents' old photo box to see ... Read More type, you are going to love this template. The stock logo itself is good enough to keep and the background features a Rolleiflex camera.

Coffee: The coffee house theme

Get your customers in a good mood with this coffee-themed bill. The background is a steaming cup of joe with beans. More coffee beans are in the foreground at the bottom right of the bill. The logo on the top is generic but decent enough to keep in mind if you want to.

Ori: Red theme with a large "Invoice" label

Grab the customer's attention with a large, bold "Invoice" label at the top. This theme balances "important looking document" with "style". And if you're a photographer, you have a generic logo too.

Various payment methods are listed in the lower part of the invoice.

Lope: Blue subject

Coloring corners is a great way to keep your bill if it's buried under other papers. The Lope template does this with a large section at the top with your company information and a thinner strip of blue along the bottom.

Circle: Clean, modern theme

The colored circles on this template grab the recipient's attention and contain customizable fields so that you can include any important information you want the recipient to see first. There are a couple of smaller blue and yellow circles in the lower right corner for a touch of style.

Split: black and white theme

This template completely separates the company-related information from the "required" client information. A narrow column on the left side of the invoice contains the company logo, name, invoice number, etc., while the larger section on the right side contains the customer information, item entries and the total amount.

Machine: Forest Green Theme with Textured Background

The subtle textured background is barely noticeable, but it does a great job of making the text pop up off the page. Creative Types There are all kinds of creatives - which one are you? There are all kinds of creatives out there - which one are you? Everyone has their own techniques that will help them find their creative juices. We all respond in different ways to different situations in order to accomplish a task. Read More

Disk: Red theme with vertical "Invoice" label

We're back to another giant "bill" label with a modern theme that tactfully says, "Pay me!" The red pop from the side leaves no doubt what this document is. The total is included twice: once on the main amount under the items and also on the lower left on the red banner.

Morry: Purple theme with large invoice label

For a sleek and clean look, this template should meet your needs. The purple pops off the side, but it's not offensive. The bottom of the bill has three shades of purple from dark to light, highlighting total, paid and the amount due. This is a great "follow up" bill when the customer has already paid part of the amount owed.

Unite: Simple, green theme

Pretty neat subject, but with enough color to still notice and keep it original. Bands or boxes in different shades of green break up the bill so that the important information is not overlooked.

Download this exclusive custom bundle for free!

Invoicebus template package

Jump on board the Invoicebus and pick up the topics!

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Have you tried out Invoicebus?Found other awesome invoice templates we should know about?We'd love to hear in the comments below.