What makes a person a true Hyderabadi

The Taste of India - Day 1

Stefan has arrived in India. The spice capital of the world is a true paradise for the Ankerkraut manager! Landing in Hyderabad, India's fourth largest city, Stefan goes straight to Chaminar, a Muslim gate from 1590. But why is Stefan actually in India? Stefan took this trip on himself to get even closer to the spices. India is the spice capital of the world and has many other flavors to offer besides the world-famous curry. Stefan is also at the international spice conference for 3 days.

Over 100,000 people, that's Stefan's reception committee ... FAST. The streets of Hyderabad are super crowded and curious people are gathering not only behind Stefan, but also behind our cameramen. Everything is getting too much and Stefan quickly leaves. While exploring the city, Stefan not only has to be attentive to his bags, but also resist the temptation to wander into one of the shops. At the doors you are lured by 2-3 men to visit the shop ... everything is a bit different in India!

But the big culture shock still follows: D - The traffic of India! Please buckle up, it could get a little wild. India's streets are loud and there is only one rule here: Whoever honks louder and drives crazier gets the right of way! Something new for Stefan and that can be seen in him too.

After the bumpy ride you have to strengthen yourself first and what better way to do it than with a delicious and spicy Indian curry with chicken and rice. A little too hot for you Stefan? The beads of sweat are already on his forehead!

And so the first day in India comes to an end. It will be a wild and exciting journey that much is clear! We look forward to seeing you next week at The Taste of Ankerkraut ... India!