How are gel nails removed

Remove gel nails

Remove gel nails - When to part with artificial nails

They look well-groomed, can be designed with numerous motifs and are a real help in getting used to nail biting - we're talking about gel nails. But at some point it will also be for the most beautiful Nail art Time to give way to a new design or the natural fingernail. Now, at the latest, the question arises of how gel nails can be removed. We'll tell you in detail in this post which method is best for removal.

But first, let's look at the reasons why gel nails are removed in the first place. As a rule, gel models have grown out after approx. 4 weeks and should be renewed. But before a new design can be applied, the nail designer must first apply the old ones Remove gel nails. If you have decided instead not to wear artificial nails in the future, you can either wax them out completely or have them removed mechanically. Various reasons for such a decision are, for example, a sudden allergy or intolerance, a new job that does not allow artificial nails as well as too high a cost or time expenditure for regular replenishment of the modeling.

Nail salon or DIY - what are the advantages and disadvantages of both methods?

Would you like to remove your gel nails yourself because you did not get an appointment in the nail salon at short notice? Or do you already have the necessary material at home and want to save costs? Then a removal on your own can make sense. However, note the high hygiene standards that should be observed when removing gel nails. If you have little experience with gel modeling, it is better to leave this procedure to a professional. Because in the nail salon, experienced and trained nail designers take care of safely removing the gel modeling from your natural nails. Although the costs are higher compared to the DIY variant, you can rely on a gentle treatment of your natural fingernails if you do a good job.

Gel nails can be safely removed thanks to thorough preparation

Good preparation is essential if you want to remove your gel nails. Allow sufficient time for the treatment and also note that the natural nails are usually sensitive and soft afterwards.

First, disinfect your hands and nails to prevent possible infection. Are your gel nails in addition to the modeling nail polish decorated, remove it with conventional nail polish remover. We also recommend using a pro pusher to loosen excess cuticles. Rub the skin with nail oil or hand cream. Once all the preparations have been completed, you can start removing the artificial nails.

This is what you need to remove gel nails

Although the preparations have already been described, we would like to point out the necessary nail art tool or material that you remove from the gel nails. For a clean and safe treatment, we recommend:

Place the products within easy reach at your workstation and continue removing the gel nails after preparation.

Step by step instructions: remove gel nails

When you remove your gel nails, only a small amount of material is required compared to gel modeling, but also technical know-how and experience. For this reason, we recommend once again at this point that the treatment is only for professionals - or in a good nail salon.

In the first step, shorten the gel nails as much as possible and file the top layer of gel with a coarse file. The closer you get to the natural nail, the finer you should choose the file size and the lower the pressure should be. You can also use coarse and fine sanding blocks - so-called buffers. This allows you to refine the distance even further and prevent rough grooves or damage to the natural fingernail.

Try to leave a very thin layer of gel on the nail plate and remove the nail dust with a dust brush. Basically, you should keep the natural nails as short as possible in the next few weeks in order to get used to the new nail feeling. Once the gel nails have been removed, the skin and fingernails need an extra dose of care - ideally with nail oil and a rich hand cream.