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Taco Bell

Taco Bell (consisting of Taco and the name of the founder Bell) is a system catering chain headquartered in Irvine, California, whose distribution system is based on franchising. Taco Bell is the largest exponent of Tex-Mex fast food. Like KFC and Pizza Hut, the company is part of Yum! Brands.

There are around 6100 branches worldwide, around 5800 of them in the United States. Another 280 branches are located in Latin America, Asia and Europe. Revenue in 2005 was approximately $ 1.8 billion. Products include tacos, burritos, and quesadillas.


A Taco Bell restaurant with an old sign
(1980s and 1990s, USA)
Taco Bell in the current design (USA)

Between 1954 and 1955, Glen Bell opened three fast food restaurants under the name "Taco Tia", which he later sold to his partners. He then opened the first Taco Bell store on March 21, 1962 in Downey, California.[1]

In 1964, Taco Bell sold the first franchise license. In 1978 the company was sold to PepsiCo[2] and in 1997 with the other fast food chains KFC and Pizza Hut, which were previously part of PepsiCo, under the name Tricon Globe restaurants outsourced. In 2002 Tricon became Yum! Brands.[3]

In 2015, Greg Creed took over the management of the company.[4]

Distribution in Europe

In Europe there are branches in Germany, Spain, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Finland, Cyprus, Iceland and Romania.


In Germany, Taco Bell branches are only located in US barracks[5], for example in the US garrison in Wiesbaden[6] or at the Ramstein base.


In Iceland there are branches in Hafnarfjörður and Reykjavík.[7]


In Finland, in cooperation with the Restel restaurant chain, the first three branches opened in the Helsinki area in autumn 2017.[8][9]


In April 2015, Taco Bell announced that it would soon open branches again in Poland,[10] after the first attempt in 1993 failed.[11]


In 2017 the first branches were opened in Eindhoven and Tilburg.[12][13] A third now exists in Breda[14], more are to follow.[15]


In autumn 2017, Taco Bell also moved into Romania. So far there are two restaurants in Bucharest: In the Baneasa shopping center[16] and in the Mega Mall[17].


In Spain, the first restaurant opened in December 2009 in the Islazul shopping center in Madrid.[18] Today there are also branches in Barcelona, ​​Jerez de la Frontera, Málaga, Zaragoza, Cadiz, Murcia, Alicante, Seville, Palma de Mallorca, Benidorm and Valencia.[19] The franchisee in Spain plans to expand its network to up to 50 restaurants by 2020.[20]

United Kingdom
Branch in Thurrock, Essex, UK

In the 1980s, the first Taco Bell branches were opened in Great Britain. However, 10 years later they were all closed again.[21] At the beginning of 2010 a new attempt was made to establish the chain in Great Britain. There are currently restaurants among others. in Essex near London, Manchester, Brighton and in Sheffield.[22]


In Cyprus there are restaurants in Nicosia, Limassol and Paphos.[23]


  • In the television series Futurama is called a hospital Taco Bellevue.[24]
  • In the series Free for All there is the fast food chain Taco Hell. Taco Hell is a popular nickname for Taco Bell in the USA due to the much criticized working conditions.
  • According to their Spanish teacher, Taco Bell is the only source for Beavis and Butthead's knowledge of Spanish, "... and Beavis can't even get that right!"[25]
  • In the film Kung Pow will be with the song Taco Bell, Taco Bell, product placement with Taco Bellwho sings Master Tang in a scene that parodies widespread product placement in the media.
  • In 1995 the rock band Primus sang in their Grammy nominated song Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver via taco bells Seven layer burrito.[26]Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas refers in her song Glamorous also on Taco Bell. The band also mentions Electric Six in their song Danger high voltage the chain. Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots was dedicated to the Taco Bell Saga a whole song from the fast food chain.[27]
  • In the English-language original of the film Demolition Man Taco Bell is the only surviving chain in the franchise wars (in the German-language version Pizza Hut). Therefore, at the time of the events of the film, even the finest restaurants are taco-bell branches.

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