Why do dogs have to be bathed

How to bathe your dog properly

Basically, the following rule applies: As often as necessary, as rarely as possible! So a dog should only be washed if it is heavily soiled. If the dog is bathed too often, it damages the dog's skin. Puppies should not be bathed at all because their protective skin layer is not yet fully developed. Brushing the dirt out of the fur is a sensible alternative. Read here what to look out for if your dog has to be washed.

This is how the dog is bathed

The best way to shower the dog is in the tub. To prevent the dog from slipping, lay one down beforehand Rubber mat into it. Set the water to a comfortable temperature before you shower your four-legged friend with it.

Be particularly careful around the eyes and nose: dogs can be sensitive here. In order not to harm the skin, it is best to use one mild dog shampoo - never a human shampoo. Avoid using fragrances as it could irritate your dog. The shampoo must not get into the nose, ears or eyes.

Then give the dog a thorough shower so that the Shampoo-free fur is. Dried shampoo residue could dry out the skin and cause itching.

How best to dry the fur

Rub your dog dry with a towel. In the summer months, the fur can also dry in the sun. If the dog is used to a blow dryer, you can blow-dry it. But beware: It must not be set too hot.

In winter you should take your dog only in exceptional cases to wash. The skin of dog breeds without an undercoat, such as poodles or Dalmatians, is more sensitive at this time due to the cold temperatures. If your dog has taken a mud bath in the winter, take him with you Dry off towels and the Comb out dirt.

Long-haired breeds need bathing even in the cold season. Wash your dog in the evening so that the fur can be removed dry overnight can.