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Before you plan your marketing campaign, you need to know your goals and the metrics by which the success of your campaign can be measured. We show you which key performance indicators (KPIs) you need to have on your screen in order to plan and carry out your campaign effectively and effectively.

Use KPIs for your successful campaign planning

Key performance indicators (KPI) are essential when measuring success. Especially with a completed campaign, KPIs that have been set in advance are worth their weight in gold. These give you a framework for action before, during and after the campaign. Even better: they can also be adjusted during the campaign period in order to achieve the goals set in advance.

The criteria for a good metric

Before you pick out KPIs for your campaign, you should know what good metrics actually are. A key figure contains quantitatively measurable information about your company, supports you in your decisions and is used to control and optimize your measures. The KPIs should

  • - be comparable - e.g. with data from previous measures. In addition, they should always be collected the same: For a website, for example, the visits are counted, not the individual users (based on the IP address).
  • - Be comprehensible - that is, you set key figures that everyone who works with the key figures understands and that ultimately contribute to the company's goals.

Let's assume you start a 3-month brand campaign to increase your awareness with a clearly defined target group. The brand campaign is mainly played on social media channels with specially developed small videos for the individual target groups (e.g. design lovers, technology freaks) - articles are repeatedly scattered in the individual channels, referring to the YouTube videos with links to the website for further information Information.

Planning the KPIs - the goal of brand awareness and thus reach

Now set the KPIs that should be achieved so that you can rate your campaign as a success. These should relate to the campaign duration.

  • - Increase the number of visitors to the website by xx%
  • - xx views of videos on youtube
  • - xx% of the video viewers also clicked on links in the text below the videos
  • -positive length of stay of the link visitors
  • -The number of pages read per visit has increased by xx% since the start of the campaign
  • - xx new followers could be won
  • - On average there were xx likes for the campaign contributions
  • - The mention of the brand name has increased by xx% since the start of the campaign

So that the KPIs you have estimated are all realistic, you should analyze the current key figures of your website and social media channels in advance and plan accordingly.

The most important KPIs for an online brand campaign

Most marketing campaigns take place on the Internet - both your social media channels and your website are affected. We have put together the most important key figures in online marketing for you:

In the website it is clearly about visitor numbers, page views and length of stay. However, to measure the quality of the visitors, you should use the following metrics:

  • - conversion rate
  • - Cost per acquisition
  • - bounce rate
  • - social shares
  • - Returning users vs. new users

The number of followers is at Social media no longer decisive, but their quality, expressed in interaction and range:

  • - Community growth
  • - Comments
  • - likes
  • - Share
  • - mentions

After the campaign, you now have to compare the defined KPIs with the achieved ones:

  • - On which channels did the campaign go particularly well?
  • - Where did you get the most mentions, interactions?
  • - Has the campaign information provided on the website been received?
  • - How long was the length of stay.
  • - Were there even new newsletter registrations due to the campaign?
  • - Were there any inquiries from customer service?

You should record the figures determined in a report and use them again for further campaign planning.

Conclusion: Without meaningful key figures, your campaign will come to nothing and you cannot assess how successful it was. However, stay on the ground with your metrics and assess them correctly. Also check during the campaign whether the KPIs you have set can be achieved. And if necessary, control with changed content planning and channel approach against. You are already living the successful basis for your next campaign.

You can find detailed tips on KPIs for your campaign planning in the current PR & Advertising Practice 21/2018.

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