Is Upwork the next WeWork 2

Are you a freelancer? 5 reasons that speak for a coworking space

Since COVID-19 has changed the world of work forever, freelancers can be seen as a more attractive option for projects than permanent employees. Online platforms like Fiverr and Upwork offer freelancers ample opportunities to showcase their talents and land valuable freelance assignments from reputable companies. Coworking spaces have become one of the most disruptive elements of today's working world, and the digitization of the world has made working away from the traditional workplace easier through video calls, collaboration tools, emails and social networks. In recent years, the working world has experienced a more flexible way of working, as freelancers no longer have the desire to climb the traditional career ladder.

But being a freelancer is not easy, because the skills required are varied. The need is particularly great for general technological skills, data analysis, UX design and web development. As the market for freelancers continues to grow and research suggests that by 2027 50% of the workforce will be employed on a freelance basis, proficiency in digital skills is even more important for freelancers to stand out from the crowd.

Switching from salaried to freelance may sound tempting, but it's not as easy as you might not imagine. Freelancers need to be sure they have some financial cushion and skills relevant to the market and the right level of discipline to be flexible and ambitious when needed. In Austria, however, our values ​​and our society continue to develop, as people no longer have the feeling that they have to stay in the same company all their lives. We no longer live to work and freelancers work to live. With the ability to be your own boss, flexible hours, and endless career independence, we are moving further away from the 9-5 lifestyle we were so used to many years ago.


Why is coworking the best option for freelancers?

Instead of climbing the corporate ladder, freelancers tend to grow laterally by acquiring and implementing knowledge they take with them from one project to the next. Freelancers prefer to develop ideas and solutions on their own and in this way appreciate being with others who can help them grow and develop their skills for new projects and collaborations. This is exactly the kind of environment a coworking space offers.

Since freelancers are more flexible and self-determined, it makes a lot of sense that they benefit from working in an environment that is just as flexible and motivating as a coworking space. In contrast to conventional offices, Talent Garden promotes networking, collaboration and creative problem solving with our digital and technical experts. It's the perfect environment for coworkers to gain new knowledge from collaborative exchanges that they can then incorporate into their existing work for better results. Interacting with professionals from various digital and technical industries also increases contact with other products and services, as coworking spaces are a hub for like-minded people who come together and become a community.

With 41% of coworking spaces filled with freelancers in 2019, coworking spaces ensure that they adapt their space and memberships to freelancers, regardless of their work mobility or preference for a global lifestyle. Our Talent Garden memberships give you access to all of our 22 locations in 7 countries. If you are passionate about your career goals and your entrepreneurship and see the value in working as a freelancer in an innovative, cooperative and intuitive environment, then a coworking space is a great alternative to the home office or the café around the corner. Your work should complement you as a person, and the environment in which you move has a huge impact on your day-to-day work.


Here are 5 reasons why freelancers should work in a coworking space

1 | Community

Sharing your workspace with those who have taken similar career risks and know the roller coaster between sales and frustration is a tremendous motivator. Freelancers can become part of a community that creates the framework for members to work and stay focused. Today's coworking spaces actually function as communities where as much is networked as there is work. After work activities, workshops and events take place in many spaces in order to maintain and strengthen the community.

By interacting with our community on a daily basis, freelancers can get the confidence boost they need in the business world when they start working with other professionals who have similar visions. Although moving to a coworking space can be seen as a career step, it also brings a social element to the world of work and a sense of responsibility to get things done at the same time. In some coworking spaces there are also initiatives and incentives that enable members to be actively part of the community, such as our "Give & Take" initiative.


2 | Dealing with innovative thinking

A coworking space can be seen as a third alternative to the conventional office and home office. A stimulating atmosphere and a carefully designed work space that hardly restricts freelancers is ideal for those who work hard but also at a relaxed pace and want to build a network in the process. As coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular, they are full of start-ups, SMEs and freelancers who are familiar with innovative thinking through their individual careers.

Working from home seems relatively easy and convenient for employees, but if you enjoy the usual office noise or if you have trouble concentrating at home, coworking spaces are perfect. The creative network enables freelancers to get a better feel for why innovation should be at the heart of freelancers' strategies. Coworking spaces are also hotspots for groundbreaking ideas in our digital and technical society, and by working with people who have the same ambition and talent as other freelancers, there is endless potential for greater success. Even without the need to work with everyone around you, seeing how others combine their strengths can increase motivation and creativity in your career.


3 | Networking

Working from home means that it is almost impossible to meet new people, potential clients, and even friends in the same industry. In a coworking space, however, you are always surrounded by professionals who may very well be interested in your services or products. Other members may have different perspectives on business method and can be a great mentor to you, or vice versa. Working in a shared workspace also allows you to get in touch with potential customers who are either members of the space or who visit the campus on open days or at public events. Today more than ever, coworking spaces have a strong online presence, and in the Talent Garden we promote online presence through social platforms that are open to all members and the services offered.

Freelancers can inadvertently take up jobs, projects or new connections while talking to others. This is where a coworking space can definitely come in handy. Many of the people you will share your workplace with are often in similar industries. The shared use of community spaces promotes the exchange of experiences and professional development. A lot of new people come by who in turn have a new network. A casual conversation among coworkers can often lead you to make new contacts and maybe even land a new freelance project.

If freelancers want to expand their knowledge in areas such as growth hacking, UX design or sales, this is also possible in a coworking space: workshops, webinars and events based on the interests of the coworkers are organized on a regular basis.

4 | Optimizing resources

Due to the dynamism and breadth of variation of the professionals who are part of a coworking community, coworking spaces have to compete with each other to optimize resources that differentiate and become the best space to lend resources that would otherwise have been inaccessible to members. If freelancers are members of a coworking space, they can choose a flexible membership so that they can use a workspace once a week, once a month or even every day. The membership plans are flexible, Talent Garden offers 5 different memberships. In addition, you can work with the same membership at any Talent Garden location, which is a crucial advantage if you have international clients or projects. In a coworking space, all resources that are required for everyday office life (connection, heating, electricity, furniture, space management, reception and cleaning services) are included in the membership. The costs are transparent, so there are no surprises at the end of the year.

When it comes to membership, you'll be happy to know that coworking spaces offer flexible contracts, which is much cheaper for freelancers who may be just starting out in their careers. However, the more hours a week you use the space, the cheaper it gets! In order to inspire potential members, coworking spaces offer a whole range of extras. Many spaces also have fully equipped workshop rooms or event spaces that can be booked by members and are ideal for meetings with existing and potential customers or launch events. At Talent Garden we offer an open space, flexible work areas and community areas and our clean, modern aesthetics are a matter of course for every campus in Europe. Many Spaces are open until late in the evening, while Talent Garden even stays open for night owls around the clock. We also offer our members the usual printing and copying services, which they can enjoy with a delicious coffee and snacks from our TAG Café.

5 | Time management

Separating private and professional life requires optimized time management. Since almost all employees have tried to work from their home office this year, it is clear that the line between relaxation and work is slightly blurred and that emails are answered in the evening, but more frequent breaks during the day. However, being in the conventional office means that you are constantly tied to a large and sometimes more expensive place. When you move your work area to a coworking space, you maintain a healthy separation of personal life and work. Coworking provides structure and a clear distinction between different aspects of life while still allowing you to set a schedule that will help you work and live better.

Since a freelancer usually works according to a varied schedule and can flexibly adapt to different tasks, good time management is his own responsibility. This only reinforces the view that the separation between professional and private life is becoming more and more important for freelancers in order to avoid switching between projects and private life. As a freelancer who is just beginning his career, it can be difficult to make ends meet. These freelancers are constantly on the lookout for new jobs and assignments, and in their search for a satisfactory income, they easily overestimate their resilience. When this happens, the limits you set on your work hours will be ignored - especially if you work from home. Your “office” is always in sight, and nothing prevents you from working late into the night every day.



The rising popularity of coworking has changed the way freelancers live across Europe. Thanks to advances in technology, workers who are normally confined to traditional offices can now enjoy mobility and independence. Coworking spaces differ from traditional offices not only in that they encourage freedom, but also because they enable innovation and exploration. Finding your own work-life balance as a freelancer can have a huge impact on satisfaction, productivity and long-term career goals. So if you haven't already, stop by the Talent Garden to see what it's like to think outside the box, work and create. It could be your best decision yet.