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Monday, May 24th, 2021
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Tuesday 8th December 2020

Vocabulary in transition - 1,000 new words on Corona

Researchers have collected around 1,000 new words on the subject of Corona. The pandemic has shaped the vocabulary this year like no other topic, said the Leibniz Institute for the German Language (IDS). The words and phrases range from the distance requirement and AHA rule to C-word, drive-in test, super-spreader event and breakwater lockdown to zoom party. But numerous other words and word combinations also expanded the vocabulary in the 2010s. Political and social debates, trends and technical innovations leave their mark on language. For example: digitally detoxify, upcycling, pegidist, fracking, duckface, retweet, shitstorm and tiny house. The IDS online dictionary (https://www.owid.de/docs/neo/start.jsp) with word creations from the past ten years explains the meaning, typical uses, grammar and origin of each word.

Special Oscar gala planned for April

The next award of the most important film award in the world is to be organized by three successful producers: Steven Soderbergh, Stacey Sher and Jesse Collins. This was announced by the Oscar Academy in Los Angeles. New approaches and concepts are required. The 93rd Oscar Gala will not take place in February, as usual, but on April 25 and go live on the stage of the Dolby Theater.

Almost 2.5 million euros for the "Balthus à Chassy" ensemble

The estimated value before the auction in Paris was 1.5 million euros. The hammer for the work ensemble "Balthus à Chassy" only fell at 2,476,380 million euros. The Center Pompidou is one of the buyers of the 150 drawings, watercolors and sketches by the controversial French painter Balthus. Most of the works of the artist, who died in 2001, were created at his Chassy castle in Burgundy. They belong to the collection of Frédérique Tison, model and muse of Balthus, who is known to a wide audience primarily for his erotic images.

Broadcasting draws conclusions from Saxony-Anhalt

The public broadcasters want to go to the Federal Constitutional Court.
Deutschlandradio, ARD and ZDF announced this independently of each other. The trigger is the lack of consent from Saxony-Anhalt to the fee increase.
Because needs-based financing was no longer guaranteed from 2021, it was decided to submit a constitutional complaint. Without sufficient, independently determined funding, this is inevitable.

Leipzig Book Prize for Johny Pitts

The British essayist, writer and photographer Johny Pitts will receive the Leipzig Book Prize for European Understanding 2021. He will be honored for his book "Afropean. A journey through black Europe", as announced by the Leipzig Trade Fair. The book, published in September, combines reports and literary essays on the search for post-colonial identity. In its reasoning, the jury wrote: "Pitt's attempt to put together a coherent image from the disparate is a bricolage carried by hope and melancholy." Afropean "is a large, fruitfully unfinished work that its author, so it is to be hoped, is We all, and Europe, wish it. " The award, endowed with 20,000 euros, is one of the most important literary prizes in Germany. It is to be awarded on May 26th at the opening of the Leipzig Book Fair.

Young people read more in Corona times

The media behavior of young people has changed in the Corona crisis. This emerges from the so-called JIM study 2020, as reported by börsenblatt.de. According to this, 35 percent of 12 to 19 year olds read printed books daily or several times a week - in their free time. Even if the proportion of these high-volume readers is almost unchanged, reading was significantly longer in 2020 than in the previous year. There is a slight increase in the number of e-books used. Nevertheless, electronic publication still does not play a relevant role when it comes to reading, the study found. The study clearly shows gender-specific differences: while 42 percent of the girls are regular readers, only 28 percent of the boys often access books. The proportion of non-readers is also twice as high among boys at 20 percent as among girls. Reading activity decreases noticeably with age.

Jean-Michel Jarre is planning a virtual Notre Dame concert

The electro-pop pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre wants to give a concert as Avatar on New Year's Eve in Paris. Jarre will appear in the virtual backdrop of Notre-Dame, as announced by the city of Paris and his record company. The concert is scheduled to begin at 11:25 p.m. and last around 45 minutes. It will be broadcast on various platforms. Jarre wants to perform live in a studio near Notre-Dame. Jarre had already given a virtual concert in Paris as Avatar in the summer. Notre-Dame was badly damaged in a fire in the spring of 2019. The backup work is still ongoing. On Christmas Eve, however, the cathedral choir is to give a concert in the centuries-old building for the first time.

Twitter highlights 2020: Drosten, Corona, Netflix

The virologist Christian Drosten became a star on Twitter in the Corona year 2020 and has the greatest growth in followers in Germany, as the US company's annual review for Germany shows. The pandemic was the central theme for users of the service this year. The hashtag #corona is number one in the list of the most frequently used keywords on Twitter. This is followed by the hashtags #bts for the South Korean boy band of the same name and #nintendoswitch for the most popular video game "Animal Crossing" this year. According to Twitter, the most important movement was the international human rights movement “Black Lives Matter” (#blacklivesmatter). #Stayathome and #fridaysforfuture follow in the next few ranks. According to the company, the tweet with the most likes was a funeral report on the death of "Black Panther" star Chadwick Boseman. The brand account that gained the most followers on Twitter in Germany was the streaming service Netflix.

Acquittal for rapper Kollegah

Gangster rapper Kollegah has been acquitted of the charge of illicit gun possession. Before the Viersen district court, he had stated that he did not know how the weapon discovered by the police, presumably a blanket model, got into his car. "Somebody probably wanted to wipe out the boss," said the 36-year-old. The car was defective in a public parking lot for a week - with the key on one of the tires. It should have been repaired. The key was later gone, as was the weapon. In between, a stranger deposited the weapon in the car, took photos and uploaded the picture to the Internet. Then an anonymous caller gave the police a tip. Because this version of Kollegah alias Felix Blume could not be refuted, the prosecutor had finally applied for an acquittal.

Welfenschatz before the US Supreme Court

The Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation has reaffirmed its claim to the Welfenschatz sold during the Nazi era before the US Supreme Court. After a hearing before the Supreme Court in Washington, President Hermann Parzinger stated that the foundation had presented why it did not believe the case should be brought before a US court. In addition to the legal arguments, the foundation emphasized that it has been committed to comprehensive provenance research and a fair solution to NS restitution cases for more than two decades. The lawsuit is about the return of the treasure to the descendants of Jewish art dealers who have gone to court in the United States. They assume that the objects were only apparently legally stolen from their ancestors by the Nazis. The foundation is convinced that it is not a forced sale due to Nazi persecution. The state of Berlin has declared the treasure a nationally valuable cultural asset. This means that export is only possible with the approval of the federal government.

Goethe-Institut: fewer German students worldwide

Because of the corona pandemic, around 20 percent fewer students attended the Goethe-Institut courses this year. The institute announced that it was able to compensate for part of the losses through digital offers. So far, the facility has come through the crisis lightly. This can also be attributed to the digitization strategy of recent years, said President Carola Lentz. The Munich-based Goethe-Institut has 157 branches worldwide. The budget for 2020 is estimated at 417 million euros, around 293 million euros come from grants from the Federal Foreign Office.

Grütters wants more money for culture in the corona crisis

State Minister for Culture Monika Grütters has spoken out in favor of new billions in aid for culture in the Corona crisis. The CDU politician told the German Press Agency that at least twice as much money would probably be needed. In the summer, the federal government launched its own program for culture worth one billion euros. This was a response to the closings in spring, but the current, much longer culture lockdown was not "priced in", stressed Grütters. In the current Corona crisis, cultural workers are dependent on support from the federal and state governments.

German elementary school students in maths only mediocre

Primary school students in Germany are only moderately good in mathematics and the natural sciences. This emerges from the study "Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study" (TIMSS) presented in Berlin, in which Germany has been participating since 2007. It is true that the competencies of the fourth graders are 518 points above the international average of 501 points. Compared to the participating OECD countries, however, the values ​​are below average in both areas. According to the study, as in previous years, around six percent of German students achieved the highest level of proficiency in mathematics. In the EU countries it was 9.4 percent and in the OECD countries 11.5 percent. In the natural sciences, about seven percent were very good. This corresponds roughly to the level in the EU countries and is slightly lower than in the OECD countries. 58 countries with more than 300,000 students took part in the study. In Germany, 4,900 students from 203 schools were included in the study for an international comparison.

Nolan criticizes Warner's planned film model

British director Christopher Nolan has sharply criticized the planned simultaneous release of Warner Bros. films in cinemas and a streaming service in 2021. "It is a unilateral decision that the studio made," Nolan told the AP news agency. "And it's not a good business decision". The film studio announced last week that its films planned for 2021, including a new "Matrix" film and "In the Heights", would be released simultaneously in the US on the HBO Max streaming service and in cinemas. So there were concerns that the future of cinemas was not going well. Nolan is one of the film company's key directors. He is the first Warner Bros. filmmaker to speak publicly on the matter. Every one of his films since 2002 "Insomnia" has shown on Warner Bros., including his Batman trilogy.

"Danish James Dean" Klaus Pagh has died

Danish actor and theater director Klaus Pagh died yesterday at the age of 85. This was announced by his family. The Dane's decade-long career began in the mid-1950s. With films like "Girls in Dangerous Age" he built the reputation of a Danish version of US actor James Dean thanks to his similar appearance. In the early 1960s he trained as an actor at the theater in Odense, after which he was also on stage in Aalborg. Although he gained greater fame for his film roles, Pagh also remained loyal to the theater: in Copenhagen he directed several theaters during the 1980s and 1990s, including the renowned ABC Teatret and the Aveny Teatret.

No Christmas service in the English Garden

The ecumenical Christmas service planned for Christmas Eve in Munich with Cardinal Reinhard Marx and Regional Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm has been canceled. It will not take place in the English Garden, as previously planned. This was announced by the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising and the Bavarian regional church. Since a very high number of participants can be expected, such a service cannot currently be carried out with a view to the current infection process. The ecumenical preparatory group is still working on an alternative concept, it said.

Anne-Sophie Mutter collects donations for musicians

Star violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter would like to draw attention to the situation of freelance musicians in times of the corona pandemic with performances in church services and collect donations: "Music is a refuge, a source of strength, consolation as well as shining hope and deep community experiences," said the Violinist. "Please support those who are giving you this gift and who are in dire straits because of Corona. Please help so that the German Orchestra Foundation can provide emergency aid." On the third Sunday of Advent, mother will give music to the Protestant mass in Hamburg's Michel.

Nobel lecture published by Louise Glück

The lecture by this year's Nobel Prize winner for literature, Louise Glück, can be found on the website of the Nobel Foundation. She thinks the award is an honor for cautious literary voices, said the American. "I believe that the Swedish Academy honors the intimate, private voice with my award, which can sometimes be reinforced or expanded through public statements, but can never be replaced," wrote the 77-year-old poet felt drawn to poetry, such as William Blake and Emily Dickinson. The online Nobel Prize for Literature will be presented on Thursday in Stockholm.

Staatsballett Berlin reacts to accusations of racism

The Staatsballett Berlin wants to revise its program. "Obsolete and discriminatory ways of performing should be exposed, it says on the website." We are aware that the ballet genre has marginalized People of Color in the course of its history. "The company also wants to be a mirror of society. The repertoire must reflect diversity. In October, the ballerina Chloé Lopes Gomes raised the charge of racism against her trainer.

Mysterious metal column also in the Netherlands

After the USA, Great Britain and Romania, a metal column has now also been discovered in the middle of the landscape in the Netherlands. The forest administration assumes that it was set up unnoticed over the weekend. Hikers would have found the matt silver-colored obelisk on Sunday near the Kiekenberg nature reserve in Friesland. An anonymous artist collective has now committed to the first, high-gloss column in the US state of Utah.

The composer of the film music for the little mole is dead

The Czech composer and music teacher Vadim Petrov died at the age of 88 after a long illness. This is reported by the CTK agency, citing Petrov's son. Wherever the animated series "The Little Mole" is seen, Petrov is also known because he wrote the music. He is said to have composed a total of around 1,400 pieces, from symphonies to chamber music to songs and chansons. Petrov has received national and international awards for his film music.

Bob Dylan sells rights to his lyrics

Bob Dylan has sold the rights to his lyrics to the US company Universal Music. This affects more than 600 songs, including "Blowin‘ in the Wind "," The Times They Are A-Changin ‘" and "Like a Rolling Stone". It is estimated that the music label paid more than $ 300 million for this. The "New York Times" speaks of perhaps the largest acquisition of music publishing rights for a single artist. Dylan is the only musician to be honored with a Nobel Prize for Literature. He received the award in 2016.

Beethoven - a giant picture drawn in a field

With a flowing mane and a serious look: the land artist Dario Gambarin has mowed a huge portrait of the German composer Ludwig van Beethoven in a field in northern Italy. "Beethoven Absolut! 1770" is written under the portrait of the German musician, as can be seen on aerial photos. According to Gambarin, the work of art is located in Castagnaro, about 50 kilometers southeast of Verona. The occasion is Beethoven's 250th birthday on December 17th (to be precise, the date of his baptism). Gambarin repeatedly dedicates oversized landscape works of art to famous personalities. On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci's death, for example, last year he drew a self-portrait of the universal artist in nature.

Commemorative coin for David Bowie in space

A commemorative coin in honor of the British pop icon David Bowie has been sent for a short flight into space.The mint, the Royal Mint, wrote on Facebook that the coin had reached an altitude of more than 35,000 meters and stayed in the earth's atmosphere for three quarters of an hour. Fans and collectors of Bowie, in whose songs ("Space Oddity", "Starman") space played a role, can buy the coins in various sizes and designs, including a gold coin worth more than 11,000 pounds. Born in Britain, David Bowie died of cancer in early 2016 in New York at the age of 69. He is considered one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century.

Marie Luise Kaschnitz Prize for Iris Wolff

The writer Iris Wolff receives the Marie Luise Kaschnitz Prize for her complete oeuvre to date. As the Evangelische Akademie Tutzing announced, the award, endowed with 7,500 euros, is to be presented at a literature conference at the end of April 2021. Born in Sibiu, Romania, she came to Germany at the age of seven and has written four novels. In them "universal, existential topics such as longing, love, loneliness, grief, loss, faith and friendship are posted far beyond the documentary", according to the jury. On the basis of family stories, she lets "the downright conspiratorial, adventurous and fairytale coexistence in the everyday life of the Transylvanian Saxons and Banat Swabians" come to life. The jury particularly praised Wolff's latest work, "Die Blur der Welt", which was only published in autumn. The Marie Luise Kaschnitz Prize has been awarded since 1984. In 2019 it went to Angelika Klüssendorf.

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