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Teaching assignment
What is a teaching assignment and how do you become a lecturer?

Become a lecturer: Find vacancies

Lecturers work in the tertiary sector, i.e. at (technical) universities, other colleges and universities of applied sciences. These often assign their positions in an individual way. Some teaching institutions advertise their vacancies, others don't.

As a rule, teaching positions in Germany are not advertised, but awarded. And mostly to people who are known to the responsible decision-makers in the department. "This often happens on demand," says GEW expert Keller. It is therefore particularly important to make and maintain relevant contacts. Unsolicited applications can also be successful.

If you want to become a lecturer, it is best to take a multi-pronged approach and use different sources to find out about positions and to get people talking.

  • Some universities and technical colleges publish vacancies on their homepages.
  • There are special portals on the Internet that collect relevant job offers nationwide and thus facilitate the search. Such a service is offered, for example, by the State Conference of Equal Opportunities Representatives at Universities of Applied Sciences (HAW) in Baden-W├╝rttemberg and the Baden-W├╝rttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW), or Lakof for short. After registering on the homepage, vacancies can be found there in the database.
  • Because not all universities and other colleges make their vacant positions for lecturers public, active, direct contact with the respective personnel administration or the responsible professors of the departments can be worthwhile.
  • And especially important: a teaching assignment is a matter of trust. That is why the institutions prefer to use people they already know. Applicants should therefore use or expand or build their own networks.