Acronyms Wofuer stands for fbf

IGS-Industrial Hazard Alarm Systems GmbH

AEAlerting device (acoustic and optical signaling devices)ALZWIntermediate alarm storageBFSFire controlBMAFire alarm systemBMSFire alarm systemBMZFire alarm control panelFATFire brigade display panel (DIN 14662)FKTFire department coordination panelFBFFire brigade control panel (DIN 14661)FBISFire brigade control and information systemFECFire brigade operations centerFSAHold-open systemFSDFire brigade key depotFSKFire brigade key box (obsolete, now FSD)GWMLimit detector (detector series 9000)IFMIR flame detectorIRMIonization smoke detectorLMSTExtinguishing agent controlm.E.with switch-on controlo. E.Without switch-on control (detector series 9000 / 76xxxx)o. p.Without alarm storage / without self-holdingORMOptical smoke detectorO2TO2T multi-sensor detector (optical / thermal detector with two-angle technology)OTOT multi-sensor detector (optical / thermal detector)OTIOTI multi-sensor detector (optical / thermal and ionization smoke detector)OTGOTG multi-sensor detector (optical / thermal / gas detector)OTblueOTblue multi-sensor detector (optical / thermal detector with blue LED)PAMProcess analog fire detectors (9200 series)RASSmoke alarm switchRWASmoke and heat exhaust systemSADKey storage depotSDKey depositSMDSurface Mounted DeviceSSTDelete standard interfaceVALLEYTechnical alarmTDMThermal differential detectorTMEMaximum thermal detector with increased response temperatureTMMMaximum thermal detectorUFMUV flame detectorVdSVdS-Schadenverhütung GmbH