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LinkedIn Learning: What can the learning platform really do?



LinkedIn is not just the largest professional network in the world and offers great opportunities for your own marketing - With LinkedIn Learning it also provides a great platform for digital learning.

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In this article I would like to introduce the learning platform to you and show you how you can use and benefit from it.


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What is LinkedIn Learning?

In a nutshell: LinkedIn Learning is a digital learning platform that you can use to take online courses in the form of videos and accompanying materials.


This makes LinkedIn Learning a MOOC provider (MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses). This format is mainly used in higher education and adult education, which is why some universities give their students and staff free access to the courses. Since the courses have no admission restrictions (apart from financial and technical), they usually have quite a high number of participants.


So in some ways, LinkedIn Learning is very similar to platforms like Udemy, teachable, digistore, and other popular online course providers. Here, too, knowledge is conveyed digitally via video and accompanying material such as PDFs. In addition, the subsidiary of LinkedIn offers lecturers the opportunity to address a large number of students and win them over to their own courses.


What can I learn on the learning platform?

The website offers courses on a variety of subjects, from business and technology to creative and artistic subjects. In my opinion, LinkedIn Learning focuses primarily on the entry-level area. There are also advanced courses for professionals, but these are in the minority.


In addition to private access, LinkedIn Learning also offers special programs with which companies enable their employees to learn new skills free of charge. Asking the employer is definitely worth it!


Here's an overview of the most popular courses LinkedIn Learning offers:



So, in general, the most popular courses there are in software development, leadership and management, careers, business software, and data science. But marketing and creative areas are also in demand. The tools presented include e.g. Excel, WordPress, Python or Photoshop.


A brief outline of the history of LinkedIn Learning

In 2015, LinkedIn acquired the MOOC provider At that time, was fairly established, with a large portfolio of courses and a significant number of participants.



Any content Lynda owned (and still owns) was carried over to LinkedIn Learning with the acquisition. While all courses and learning paths are still available on, the website itself recommends visiting LinkedIn Learning.


Today LinkedIn Learning offers over 15,000 courses in 7 languages. Around 60 new courses are published every week. At the end of the course, learners receive a certificate confirming their participation.


How can I access LinkedIn Learning?

In principle, it can be accessed via both desktop and mobile devices. So you can learn comfortably with a mobile phone or tablet, even when you are on the go.


For some courses (especially when screen recordings of tools or software are shown), however, I can recommend using them on the desktop. The larger representation is simply better suited here in order to be able to better follow the lecturer.


What does the course provider cost?

LinkedIn Learning costs $ 24.49 per month. It is a subscription model that can be canceled every month. With the annual payment you can save 33%, as you can see in the screenshot:



LinkedIn Learning is offering a trial month during which it can be tried out completely free of charge. We'll look at how you make use of this in a moment.


How can I benefit from the learning platform?

The learning platform can pay off at different levels. With the online courses you can not only invest in your own knowledge, but also score points in your job. Proactively learned and above all relevant, up-to-date knowledge can be an important argument in the next salary negotiation.


Knowledge you have acquired yourself can also pay off when you start your professional life. My tip: To yours Optimize your LinkedIn profile, you can also enter relevant online courses there - this can increase your chances of being approached by recruiters.


To add completed courses to your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Sign in to your learning account.
  2. Click your profile picture in the top right corner.
  3. Click on Learning History.
  4. Find the course you want to add to your profile and click “Add to Profile”.
  5. The course will now appear in your LinkedIn profile under Certifications.


LinkedIn Learning can also be worthwhile for you as a lecturer. Via this link you can apply to be a lecturer at LinkedIn. As soon as I've tried that, there will be an article on that too.


Now let's take a look at how LinkedIn Learning works and what it looks like when you're logged in.


How does LinkedIn Learning work?


This is how you start the free month

If you want to start your free month, just click on the small triangle next to “More” and then on “Learning” in the upper right corner of your profile page.



On the following page, simply click on “Start free month” in the upper right corner:



Now you can click on “Try it for free” and start the free month on the following page.


Please note that you have to cancel yourself within one month if you do not want to make another month out of the free month, which is then paid.


Next, Linkedin Learning will ask you which areas are you most interested in. That makes sense, because based on this, the learning platform will then show you suitable courses.


Finally, you can enter a weekly target and you can start with the first courses!



This is how you navigate within the learning platform

A relatively tidy appearance awaits you on the homepage. At the top you will first see various selected courses in a slider, which of course fit your preferred subject areas. Directly below it you can see how much time you have already invested in courses in the current month and when you have achieved your “learning goal”.


Right next to it, LinkedIn shows you your saved and started courses:



Below this, too, it continues in a nicely structured manner in the same style: First, LinkedIn Learning presents you with a selection of popular courses, and then - if you scroll down further - becomes more specific and offers you offers from your selected topics. At the bottom you will find the latest courses.


Now let's go a step deeper and take a look at the core of the eLearning platform, namely the courses themselves.


The learning content itself - tidy and intuitive

As far as the videos are concerned, the platform remains true to its clear and straightforward appearance, as you can see in the screenshot of one of the courses:



Let's take a look at the most important functionalities at a glance

By clicking on “Contents” in the top left, you can quickly access the lessons you want and jump from topic to topic.


The way the player works is basically self-explanatory. Good here: You can (as with e.g. YouTube) increase the playback speed. I use this very often, because it gives me a lot of input in a short time.


Transparency and communication are very important here

You can find more information about the course and the lecturer below the video. I think it's great that you can directly access your LinkedIn profile and network. The Q&A function, via which course participants can ask questions under the video, is also well resolved. Other viewers can also tune in - the communication that comes about is certainly helpful for individual learning success.


With a click on Notes you can take notes or the like for each video. That also makes sense, I think. Directly below you can access the accompanying materials as well as the transcript and get involved in learning groups. The latter seems to me to be a helpful extension to be able to exchange ideas with others on the topic in LinkedIn groups.


Like YouTube, you will find similar courses to the right that are suggested to you. Sure, the learning platform wants to keep users on the platform ...


Under the details of the course you will find, in addition to the knowledge covered in the course (entered in your LinkedIn profile, other course participants from your network. This is more likely to be self-marketing and should serve as a “social proof” ...



It's a shame here that there are “only” likes to be seen. Participants who did not like the course do not have a say. That makes it harder to distinguish the really good courses from the less good ones. Quality is of course always in the eye of the beholder ...


The quality of the videos

What I have seen so far corresponds to high quality standards. The sound quality is usually very good and the courses can also score visually. You often see the lecturer in portrait - here you can see that no savings have been made in terms of equipment that the lecturers use.


Very practical: with one click on "Learning paths”(In the menu on the main page on the left) you can look at collections on a specific topic. This basically works like playlists on YouTube. Various courses from different instructors are listed here, which you can go through one after the other.


Great, now you know what LinkedIn Learning is, how it works, and the benefits it can bring. Now let's widen our view a little and compare the learning platform with the blue logo with the “top dog” udemy!


How do I cancel LinkedIn Learning?

On the Learning start page, click on your profile photo in the upper right corner and then on “Settings” in the menu that opens:



Now on the level “Account type: Learning Premium” please click on “Manage” on the right:



Next click on the small triangle next to “Manage Premium Account” and click on “Cancel Membership” in the submenu that opens:



On the next page then click on “Cancel and lose credits” (right) and on “Confirm cancellation” in the next window. This means that your paid membership to LinkedIn Learning is canceled as soon as possible.


LinkedIn Learning or udemy?

Let's start with the choice of courses. Here, udemy is clearly one step ahead. Udemy currently offers a much larger amount of courses. There you will find something on almost every topic. In the case of LinkedIn Learning, the courses in the areas mentioned tend to dominate. So if you're looking to take classes on a very specific topic, Udemy may be a better choice.


In terms of quality, it looks a little different. On average, LinkedIn Learning has the lead here, I think. Certainly there are courses here that are not very appealing - but also very many that are state-of-the-art in terms of content and visuals. This quality can also be found at udemy. There are a lot of excellent courses there. But also some - let's say less good ones.


Personally, I like the pricing model at udemy a little better. Here I can get good courses very cheaply in the sale. And exactly when I have time to study. Thanks to the subscription model from LinkedIn Learning, I always have access to a lot of courses - but whether I take advantage of that is another story ...


That's why I use udemy myself very often to study and I am there too represented with their own courses. But I see LinkedIn Learning as a promising alternative that can definitely be worthwhile.


Conclusion - is the digital learning platform worth it?

If you want to learn new things, you are definitely in good hands with LinkedIn Learning. The courses I have seen are (almost) all of quite good quality. Both in terms of content and subject matter.


Operation is intuitive and the “learning paths” help you find your way around quickly. And just what you are looking for. This is a great solution and cannot be found on any other learning platform.


However, if you are looking for something more niche and subject-specific, then the selection of LinkedIn Learning quickly reaches its limits. Here, for example, udemy has a clear lead. The subscription model is also not suitable for everyone. The price is very fair, but you still have to find the time to take full advantage of the good offer ...


I hope I was able to give you a good insight into the learning platform!


Speaking of LinkedIn marketing, let me give you a brief introduction free LinkedIn marketing checklist to introduce? Just click on the picture and get started with successful marketing via LinkedIn!


If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences, I look forward to your comment.


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