How insulates bubble wrap

Insulate the greenhouse with bubble wrap

This year the greenhouse will be insulated from the inside with bubble wrap in order to raise the temperatures and to bring the harvest early. The small seedlings shouldn't get cold feet - let alone should the tender leaves freeze into frozen vegetables! The insulation with bubble wrap is inexpensive and quick.

How to do it

The first thing I did was clean the windows. Now a lot of light comes through again.

I got these bubble wrap fasteners. These are two-part plastic holders. They consist of a threaded mandrel attached to a base plate. A cap is screwed onto this mandrel. So you put the bubble wrap on this mandrel and then you can fix the whole thing with the cap. So the film is quickly on and off again quickly.

The mandrels with the base plate are glued to the greenhouse panes with a neutrally crosslinking silicone. Neutral cross-linking because the panes are attacked by normal silicone and can tear.

I bought the bubble wrap on ebay. 30 euros a 25m roll of film with 30mm studs. UV stabilized. 1 meter wide. This way I can get the greenhouse thermally insulated quickly and easily.

One day later: The silicone is half cured - the film is on.

Unfortunately, there was night frost and so the silicone could not cure completely, which resulted in some brackets loosening again. But no matter, they are simply reattached in better weather conditions.

In total, we needed almost 50 brackets for the entire greenhouse (greenhouse type VENUS 3800), about half a cartridge of neutral-curing silicone and about 16 meters of bubble wrap with 30mm knobs - double-walled and UV-stabilized.

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