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BETchelor - the betting experiment | Can I make money from betting for FREE?

Dennis Schlüter (32) has been involved in sports betting for around 15 years. Professionally and privately. Sometimes more, sometimes less successful. In the column "BETchelor - the betting experiment" he puts systems, myths and services from the world of betting to the test.

Sports fans and hobby gamers ask themselves one question again and again: Can you really make money with sports betting?

The providers are very good at this, that much is certain. Denise Coates (53), founder and head of bet365, recently approved her own salary increase by almost 50 percent, thus collecting an unbelievable 550 million euros in 2020. You could buy over 5,000 Porsche 911s from these. Or three Haalands and a Sancho. It's even more money than the self-proclaimed elite clubs would have cashed in per season in the Super League.

So there seems to be enough money in the market, but currently it is mostly others who get it. Can I also earn something with sports betting? And if so, HOW?

It is said that only 2 percent of sports bettors make a lasting profit. If you ask sports bettors themselves, only about 2 percent tell of their losses. If so, 98 percent of the time “only one goal” was missing. Either the stoppage time was too long or the video referee was to blame.

I would like to test various options for long-term success - and report on them here. Offers with the supposedly hottest tips are now available on the Internet, just like betting companies in Malta. World wide betting.

I'm looking for free offers and come across the "Tippinsider - betting tips from real experts". The site looks professional, simple and appealing and, according to its own information, has over 40,000 (!) Users.

No chubby clichés like banknotes, luxury cars or beach photos, but winning betting slips from the past. € 2,300 profit with odds of 23, € 400 profit with odds of 40, etc.
The world of dream bills - or a bogus world?

Past WhatsApp messages from satisfied users should be shown under the item "Real Feedback". “You are just absolutely amazing. Christmas 2018 is bigger. Thank you! "Or:" For 2019 I just want the same nose as in 2018. Thank you, absolute TIPPINSIDER. "

So cheesy, not even an advertising agency would have dared to do that. With a healthy dose of skepticism, I click on one of the five big buttons: "Register for free".

After the registration confirmation, the first dubious surprise. The betting recommendations from "Tippinsider" are basically free, but you have to activate your "VIP status" to get them. Necessary for this: The opening of a new betting account with one of the partner providers of the site - including an initial deposit of at least 40 euros. Free is different. Even more conspicuous: For the weather-savvy user it quickly becomes clear that this is a so-called affiliate business, a commission model with the betting providers. It is therefore essential to register using the "Tippinsider" link.

What is often perfidious about these partnerships: The agents usually not only receive a commission for the new customer, but also a lifelong share in the user's betting losses. This can even be read publicly in the betting providers' terms and conditions.

So does someone here want to recommend bets to me who will make a profit if I lose? I ask the "Tippinsider". I am assured that you only get a commission for the new customers. A deal with loss participation was deliberately avoided.

The next steps: verify account, deposit, activate bonus, send in receipt screenshots, confirm again. 32 minutes after registering, I finally get the link to the VIP tips: Click, click, luck?

At first glance, I'm a little disappointed. The betting selection from "Tippinsider" are tips, but not insiders. Bielefeld win against Schalke, Frankfurt win against Augsburg, Chelsea win against Brighton, handicap win for Bayern against Leverkusen. The “favorites for today”, that is to be taken literally and does not require a great deal of expertise. In addition: "Both meet" at Leipzig against Cologne. For every game you get an "analysis" that has three or four statistics ready, but which you can also easily see on live ticker sites such as

In addition, there are a few "further tip suggestions" and betting recommendations from other sports. Which of the many games should you bet on for "certain" success and, above all, how many units (shares) of your betting budget should you bet for a long-term plus? Nothing.

But: there is one Combination proposal - "1: 1 replayable". In this case a 3-way combination from the mentioned bets on Bielefeld, Bavaria and Cologne / Leipzig. I start my betting experiment with a budget of 100 euros and place 5 euros per bet. Specification from the boss.

Even if, according to betting professionals, you should only invest 1% of your budget in a bet - and if possible never on combination bets! Despite the warnings: 5 euros go to the proposed combination and 5 euros each to the 5 individual tips.

Then the surprise: Cologne against Leipzig? Both score (2: 1). Bavaria? Wins by 2 goals (2-0). Frankfurt? Wins (2-0). Bielefeld? Wins (1-0). Chelsea? Only 0-0. Nevertheless: 3-combination through and 4 out of 5 single bets hit! 100 euros have already become 132.23 euros - more than 30 percent profit in just one day. Spectacular.

The great “Tippinsider” magic or just the famous beginner's luck, as if you had gone to a casino for the first time in your life? I'm curious.

In the next episode of the “BETchelor” experiment, you can read how the self-experiment continues, which approach is behind the “Tippinsider” - and which Payment tips I test!