How would UBI affect charities

What do you want to know about the basic income?

Oh sorry, I'm sorry, did not know that with the mother tongue.

As for the other: In my environment I find that the more religious people are, the more likely they are to reject the UBI. Conversely, the younger people are, the less religion plays a role in their lives and the more open they are to UBI.

I myself am an atheist, basically positive about the UBI, but extremely critical (in detail) because I think that our political staff (if at all) only implement this very incorrectly (I keep repeating myself because I actually do politics identified as a major damaging factor in this country).

For me, God is NOT the "source of my supply", but I myself, that is my workforce, my reason (I hope so ;-) and the enlightenment that has continued to have an effect in this country for centuries. If we hadn't had that (away from religion and towards understanding and reason and independent action), then we would still be in the Middle Ages and it would look like the Middle East for us.

It was only when we largely left religion that women's rights were able to establish themselves (from which you, Lisa, also benefit). Equal rights do not exist in any religion. I would like to exclude Buddhism here. Buddhism seeks knowledge. Knowledge is important to broadening thinking. In all other religions it is the other way round. I prefer enlightenment, because knowledge and thinking are important to me instead of believing and praying.

"How do you incorporate ecological aspects into the UBI?"
Not at all. Ecology is about the interrelationship between living things and their environment. Ecology is not on the income side (from the citizen's point of view) d. To post the balance sheet, but to d. Expenditure side. You decide how ecological you want to be. Stay at home, don't drive a car and read a good book, then you will be ecological.