How can I import goods from Taiwan

Import from Taiwan, customs?

I ordered a commodity from a Taiwanese company by email, paypal (value approx. 250 €). Apart from the risk that everything will work out: what about customs? Do I have to actively report this, or is the shipment checked automatically?
The package ends up at customs. You will receive a letter stating when and where you can pick up the package. You take your personal ID with you and show that you are the recipient, then the package is opened and you have to pay the customs duties etc. calculated on the basis of the invoice details.
Other logisticians take care of everything for you, then you have to pay the customs fees directly to the deliverer when you receive the package.
alright thanks.
Usually they don't send that far, so it was all improvised ... I'm curious ...
The same for me: picked up a package from China at SEUR (Spanish forwarding agency) and paid a surprisingly full 30% duty directly on it. I hadn't even thought about customs beforehand ... At the sum it was a nasty surprise.
When the shipment ends up at customs, a few% of the value of the goods and the freight costs may be added as customs, and in any case 19% sales tax.

However, it can also be that the seller has given a value that is too low and customs are therefore not interested. The post will then deliver the shipment directly.