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What is the best city in Japan?

The first thing we have to decide when we move to Japan is where we will live. What is the best city or region? Where do you get more jobs? What is the place with the best quality of life? In this article we will try to analyze which city is the best in Japan.

You can find jobs all over JapanThere is a lot of work to be done. Even in the most remote areas you have a good quality of life and quick access to leisure, tourism and markets. Remember that The bigger the city, the more expensive the cost of living.

Unfortunately, choosing a city is not for everyone. Many move to Japan through contractors who already define the city the person will live in. Don't worry, all cities in Japan are good and have a good quality of life. It all depends on you and your routine!

Cities like Tokyo that offer a good salary are usually not worth it due to the high cost of living. It is much better to work in a small town where the salary is 1,000 yen than in a large city where the salary is 1,400 yen. This depends on your tastes and whether you have a large family to pay for expensive rents.

Cities with lots of Brazilians

Do you want a city with a larger number of Brazilians? This may be better for your adaptation, but it can also keep you in your comfort zone and prevent you from socializing and adapting to Japanese culture.

Cities with large numbers of Brazilians are full of factories that hire foreigners, which makes it easy for you to find work. Brazilians and foreigners are scattered across Japan, but there are some provinces and cities with a greater concentration of Brazilians.

Aichi, Shizuoka, Mie, Gifu, Gunma, Kanagawa, Saitama, Shiga, Nagano and Ibaraki are the regions with the highest concentration of Brazilians. Aichi has more than 50,000 Brazilians, Shizuoka 30,000, Mie 15,000 and so it goes down. Around 7,000 Brazilians live in the last regions.

The most famous and popular cities of the Brazilians are Nagoya and Hamamatsu. They're big, full of Brazilians, and great fun. Whichever city you choose, keep the region in mind, as the cities are all connected so you can visit any of your regions in minutes.

What are the best cities in Japan?

The city of Tokyo has taken first place several times in the world rankings of the best cities in the world. If you can afford or find a good job, Tokyo is a great option. Unfortunately, life in Tokyo is a bit individual and the people are shy and anti-social. But don't generalize, Tokyo is a city that covers the entire planet with diverse cultures.

In Japan's second largest city, Osaka, people tend to be funnier, more introverted, and more sociable. I consider Osaka my favorite region. It's completely different from Tokyo culture. This is where your boss can call you after work for a sake.

These larger cities are more western than traditional. You can select cities and regions near the Shinkansen (bullet train). This will make your life easier and will allow you to get to know some other regions of Japan quickly.

  • Japan's best beaches are to the west in regions like Ishikawa and Fukui.
  • For winter skiing, the top of Japan is better, especially Nagano.
  • The cold and snow in Japan are greatest and rise to the Hokkaido side.
  • Typhoons are most commonly hit in the east in summer;
  • It is hot in southern Japan and the summer is over 40 degrees;
  • The cities of Sapporo and Hokkaido tend to be quieter, cooler, and more rural.
  • To make friends with the locals, Osaka, Hokkaido, and Okinawa are the best options.
  • Kyoto is probably the most beautiful and traditional city in Japan.

What is the best city in Japan?

There are different opinions about which city is the best in Japan. Some prefer the Hokkaido, Yokohama, Hiroshima, Kobe, Nagano, and Chiba region. Everyone chooses their favorite region! I really liked Osaka, but for me it is fun to live all over Japan as long as you have time to enjoy it instead of just working.

The job and lack of social life that annoy people of a city in Japan. Each person's circumstances will determine whether or not this city is good for them. This is an individual preference and depends entirely on the person's likes and dislikes and their lifestyle.

What is your favorite city? Where do you want to live in Japan? We look forward to comments and contributions. We also recommend reading:

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