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Working together, growing together, living together

You already know agile work and Scrum, but would you like to know how it is lived? You think holacracy is a really good idea, but you can't imagine how it will actually be implemented? You lack methods and tools and you are wondering how people actually “tick”? You also want international examples and more practical experience from young and old communities and companies that have set out? Are you missing a philosophical, life-appropriate, comprehensive consideration of the topic? Congratulations! Then you are exactly right here!


This practical book with articles on the topics of working together, growing together and living together addresses many of the new ideas, trends, structures and concepts and lets people from practice take up, add, explain and support them with examples. In addition to tried and tested methods for existing teams, loose groups and large group events, there are various examples that explain the basics and clarify the attitudes; Because one of the main reasons why the changeover often fails is that the attitudes do not change and the sole application of (agile) methods remains. The book helps you to fill this gap and gives insights into companies, studies, groups and communities that have never been gathered in this form before and whose positive results cannot otherwise be heard in the debate. The different contributions serve to illustrate certain thematic contents from different perspectives:


• "How do we get in contact with each other?"

• "How do we distribute the common money?"

• "What tips do I have for managers?"

• "What would democracy actually look like if we were to develop it further?"

• "When is mediation actually needed?"

• "What does meditation have to do with (work) community?"


The editors


Hanna Parnow is a freelance personnel developer, business psychologist and organizational consultant and helps people and organizations who want to get on their way to more self-efficacy and personal responsibility.


Dr. Petra Schmidt is self-employed as an author, consultant and coach. The business philosopher holds a doctorate in teaching and has developed the practice method Ki-Karate as a karate expert.