How do I claim a disability due to depression

Depression> Financial Aid

Services and assistance

Further elaboration in connection with depression

Continued payment of wages

An employee can receive continued pay for up to 6 weeks if he is unable to work because of the depression.

Sick pay

If the incapacity for work lasts longer than 6 weeks, the continued payment of wages ends and the health insurance company pays sick pay.

Health insurance co-payments

Exemption from co-payment health insurance

Exemption from co-payments for the chronically ill

Co-payments often have to be made for medication and hospital stays.

Anyone who reaches certain limits in the course of a calendar year can be exempted from additional payments from the health insurance company.

Medical rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation> Services

The effects of depression may require rehab. Outpatient or inpatient measures can be carried out.

In addition, vocational rehab can help to keep a job or to master the return to working life.

Transition allowance

Transitional allowances can be drawn during rehab periods with no income.


Disability pension

If the ability to work is permanently restricted due to the depression, a disability pension can be drawn in an individually calculated amount under certain conditions.

Unemployment benefit in the event of incapacity for work

If the entitlement to sickness benefit ends and the employee is still unable to work, unemployment benefit can be applied for in the event of incapacity for work. This form of unemployment benefit is paid until a decision has been made on the issue of reduced earning capacity or rehabilitation.

social care

Basic security in old age and reduced earning capacity

If the depression limits the ability to work and not enough money can be earned to secure a livelihood, basic security can be drawn under certain conditions.

Depression> disability

Services for people with disabilities

In the case of pronounced depression, a degree of disability (GdB) can be recognized under certain conditions. Depending on the level of the GdB, various compensation for disadvantages can be claimed.

Integration assistance for mentally handicapped children and young people

Under certain conditions, children and young people can take advantage of services such as learning therapy, inclusion care or school support.

Integration assistance for people with disabilities

Integration assistance includes various services to enable people with disabilities to lead a self-determined life.