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  • Start: May 17th, 2021
  • Duration: 09/30/2021
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We are currently looking for a freelance employee for one of our major customers who meets the following requirements:


Your tasks:

  • Support of the internal team in adapting an EWM rollout to other countries

  • Activities for all EWM locations: creation of storage locations, product master, upload of stocks

  • Workshops with the customer / explanation of the EWM solution, the EWM structure, support of the customer in the acquisition and provision of the master data (storage locations, products, stocks, etc.)

  • Help with defining the cut-over plan

  • Optimization and examination of the possibilities to optimize already adapted processes and to offer a better solution

  • Support with further additions / changes in EWM


Your profile:

  • Extensive and proven experience (6-10 years) in at least 3 SAP Logistic / SAP EWM implementations for large international customers

  • Experience in implementation / data migration

  • International project experience

  • Knowledge of application support (ASUP), porting / software integration (PORT), problem management (PBMG) and usability evaluation (USEV)

  • Project experience in the conception and implementation of new processes

  • Language requirements: English / German


Framework parameters:

  • Occupancy: part-time 3 days / week

  • Location: Remote / Essen

  • Start period: 05/17/2021

  • Duration: 09/30/2021 - option to extend until 01/2022 (GoLive)


Your GECO contact person looks forward to hearing from you and sending you your current project history (Word document) including information on availability and your fee expectations.

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Recover extensively

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Conny Zitelli

Division Manager 5 years with us

I became aware of GECO through a former colleague. After that everything happened very quickly. Job interview - felt above the clouds - on the 15th floor. I was magically attracted by the entire atmosphere and the coexistence of colleagues, which I got to know on the trial day. We are a diverse, funny group that can lend a hand alongside all the fun we have. Saved work address: Glitzerpalast

Christian Gielnik

Key Account Manager 3 years with us

In 2008 I started my own business in the IT sector. Thanks to my personal contact at GECO, the cooperation was uncomplicated, targeted and on an equal footing. For 9 years my independence was a good mix. By networking with GECO, I had small businesses as my own customers and projects with large corporations. However, at some point I asked myself the following questions: Hire employees? Do you want to go on vacation for more than 5 days? A call came from the management of GECO, with an offer of permanent position, just as requested. I accepted the offer to start as an Account Manager at GECO with pleasure. That was a few years ago and it was a very good professional decision. A uniquely good team, personal responsibility and a demanding job made me moored in the port of GECO Germany - I am now firmly moored there.

Paulo Lopes

Head of Recruitment with us for 15 years

Ahoy dear youngsters, career changers & friends of Kbit / s and Terabit / s! Since 2006 I have been looking back on an eventful, successful and also great family time at GECO, which I definitely do not want to miss. At that time, our current managing director Markus made a recruiter position attractive to me. After getting to know the team, the decision was easy for me. I was immediately enthusiastic about the GECO team spirit and joined at short notice. 8 years later, I was offered the position of Head of Recruitment, which I have been doing successfully ever since. I feel very comfortable and in good hands with GECO. Flat hierarchies, short decision-making paths, clear and direct communication. The creativity and, above all, our flexibility that we display are impressive. There are also recurring team events, joint lunches and joint sports activities.

Angelica Arghiani

Trainee HR service clerk with us for 3 years

After graduating from high school in Poland with a focus on computer science, I wanted to work with people. When I was looking for an apprenticeship in Germany, I wanted to combine IT and work with people and in GECO Deutschland GmbH I found the company that was right for me. The training is multifaceted and perfectly tailored to me. In addition to a high level of input on the subject of personnel service management, I was able to gain practical experience at an early stage. By handing over responsibility, I quickly felt part of the team and incentives, as the “Stuzubi of the month” show, how much appreciation is shown to the trainees. The great working atmosphere is due to the relaxed atmosphere and the friendly team. Even in times of Corona you “zoom” in afterworks and a sense of togetherness arises that makes you happy to come to work.

Anika Kruger

In-house recruiter 8 years with us

I became aware of GECO in August 2012 through a former fellow student and I applied as a department head in Contract & Billing on my own initiative. And - I was hired and have been happy to be a GECO ever since. After 4 years in the position and two years of parental leave (1 year in between I worked as an assistant at GECO ...), I returned to the office in 2019, freshly motivated - in a newly created position as an in-house recruiter. Since 09/2019 I have been filling this position with life and I have (almost ... 😉) a lot of fun every working day. Since 07/2020 I have taken on another area of ​​responsibility as training manager and look after our Stuzubis (students & trainees). Every day here develops me further and my personal GECO has stood for: Community - success - opportunities - optimization for many years

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