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Miley Cyrus: "I've had to play a role for so long"

From Steffen RĂ¼th

Miley Cyrus welcomes you in a red Versace dress, surprises with her amazingly deep voice and is actually the best of things. Hours before it looked as if the PR day for her upcoming album Bangerz (to be released in September) in the Berlin Adlon Hotel would have to be canceled because the twenty-year-old complained of being unwell.

Much more nervous than Cyrus, who now wants to create a grown-up image with her new album and the rather lewd video for the single "We can't stop", is her supervisor. The lady insists that questions about the parents' marriage (Billy Rae and Tish Cyrus have just called off their plans for divorce), the relationship with actor Liam Hemsworth (sometimes there are engagement rumors, sometimes separation rumors) and drugs (Cyrus makes in "We can't stop" allusions to ecstasy and cocaine). Can be cheerful.

Miley, the "We can't stop" video is causing a stir. Are you happy about it and think "Yes, goal achieved"?

Something like that, yes. My godmother is Dolly Parton, she always tells me, "Miley, there is no such thing as bad publicity". With the video, I might even orientate myself a little on Dolly.

So what was your intention with the very revealing video clip?

I wanted to create something that people would talk about. I find the video refreshing and honest. The kids are happy to see a young person who does the things that young people do. Anyway, the party in my video looks like a real party. Like the best party ever. I want people to see me and think, "I wanna be this girl's best friend". Because I look real and I seem fun to hang out with.

Is it fun to hang out with you? Or is it just supposed to look like this, in reality you are boring?

Oh no, we should go partying together urgently. You have fun with me. Promised.

When was the last crazy party you attended?

A few weeks ago I went to a sex club in London with friends. That was really tough, but my video is really a children's program ..

Do you sound as if you couldn't even be shocked to visit such a place?

Nope, it doesn't either. That sounds so stupid precocious, but nothing really shocks me that easily. That's why I am always surprised when people tell me that my video is so scandalous. I don't think so at all. On the other hand, maybe I'll look at it with a too serene eye because I live in Los Angeles. People who live in small towns may perceive a lot differently than I or the average Berliner.

Did you ever think the video might be too sexy?

"Too sexy"? It doesn't exist (laughs). At least not for me. I've had to play a role for so long, so it's really important now for me to be natural and genuine and honest - with the fans and with myself. I am convinced that people my age will understand me. When you grow up, you want to get rid of anything that has held you back or constrained you. For some it was the parents, for me for example it was the role of "Hannah Montana". Everything was great and made me famous, no question about it, but "Hannah Montana" hardly got any older - Miley Cyrus did.

Your little sister Noah is 13. Would you allow her to watch the clip?

She loves the video. Okay, she can watch it. But I tell her "Woe to you, you act out the scenes with your girlfriends". She is quite mature for her age, the video doesn't confuse her, and I even think that today's 13-year-olds are once again different from the 13-year-olds in my time.

How else?

Callous. They have seen more. When I was 13 there was no Twitter, no Facebook, no iPhone, I still had a normal cell phone. With some teenagers, I have the feeling that their lives are almost entirely played out in front of small screens. I always tell my sister: "Go outside, play in the forest, choose a sport that you enjoy". I was incredibly active as a child, I went to acting lessons, singing lessons, dancing lessons, I always had something to do. I played basketball and baseball, I never just sat at the computer.

So despite your great career ambitions, did you still have time to be a teenager?

Yes. Less than other kids, of course, but I still had a kind of career balance. I have always been happy with my life myself, I have never felt overwhelmed or pressured.

On your upcoming album, hardly any song resembles the other - there is pop, country, R&B and rock ballads. Why this huge bandwidth?

We worked on the record for two years and contacted a lot of producers and songwriters. Also, there seems to be a different kind of music style all over the world, and I wanted an album that would work all over the world. The only one who is really huge everywhere right now is Pharrell. So you can imagine how glad I am to have him on the album.

When you recorded "4x4" with Pharrell Williams, did "Blurred Lines" already exist?

Yes, he played the song for me, and then I couldn't get it out of my head. It's fantastic how he has given his career and also that of Robin Thicke a whole new direction.

In "4x4" you sing the line "I am a female Rebel". Do you really think you're a rebel?

The song is my Nashville anthem. I imagine a girl standing on a moving pick-up truck and yelling this song into the world. I'm from Nashville myself, I think the cheeky manner of the girls there is great. Nashville girls are cheeky and self-confident, I miss that voice in current music.

You say about "Bangerz" that it is a new beginning for you. Have you thought long and hard about how you want to present yourself now, at 20?

Not really. I am young, I am not afraid of anything. What do I have to lose? If a song doesn't go off in the studio, then we leave it out. Maybe I'm still inexperienced because I haven't had any really bad flops.

Are you actually happy that you are no longer a teenager living in the "Hannah Montana Bubble"?

"Hannah Montana" was just the thing back then. Everyone always pretends to be so compassionate that I had to bend so terribly. Nonsense. I was a kid when it started, what could have been better for me. But of course, at 20 I wouldn't be in the mood to play such young roles. I prefer to be young and free and brisk.

Do you actually feel like 20 yourself?

Today I feel 75 because I'm so tired. My back hurts and I don't feel like sitting on the plane for so long tomorrow. But deep down inside me, so mentally, I'm about 12.

Why do you think that?

For example, because my home always looks like a bomb has hit. The dogs do whatever they want anyway, and now I live there alone or with my boyfriend, I feel incredibly small in this huge house, like a child in the playground.

Are you satisfied with how you managed to grow up in public?

I think I did everything right. I stayed very much myself. I am the real Miley. I have no one to tell me, "So let's transform you into a grown woman now". I just live my life and collect the experiences that one collects as a young girl.

The song "Wrecking Ball" stands out. Your voice comes into its own in the rock ballad.

Thank-you. Anyway, I think it's my voice that keeps this album consistent in the face of so many producers. I just wrote "Wrecking Ball" on the piano, and Dr. Luke produced it because he is the expert for such a great pop ballad with a real orchestra and all the trimmings. And I think I need a pop ballad for my career.

How come?

Because the song will reach everyone's heart. Most certainly. After "Wrecking Ball" I will finally have all the freedom in my music. "Wrecking Ball" is first and foremost a girl's song. Because every girl loves music that she can cry to.

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