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"The Beatles gather dust in the mausoleum - and I'm still there", says Cher. After half a century in show business and over 250 million records sold, Cherilyn Sarkisian alias Cher is undisputedly one of the most successful artists of the Firetime.

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Cherilyn Sarkisian was born in the mid-forties in El Cento, California, to a Cherokee Indian of German-French-Irish-English descent and an Armenian. However, childhood is anything but harmonious. The parents split up and Cher ends up with adoptive parents: "The experiences in my youth have shaped me a lot. I had to learn early on how to hold my own in adverse circumstances. Who knows if I'd ever have been as successful if I'd had a pink childhood"recalls Cher.

Music helps little Cherilyn to forget everyday worries. That doesn't change when the American enters adult life. At 16, she met the music producer Sonny Bono. Two years later they are both standing in front of the altar. With the help of her husband, the passionate hobby singer suddenly ends up in the background of artists like the Ronettes and the Righteous Brothers. It works so well that Sonny and Cherylin decide to go one step further. In 1964 they founded the pop duo Sonny & Cher.

After only a year two studio albums and a number one hit ("I Got You Babe") were released. Gradually, Cher became more and more the figurehead of the duo, which prompted them to try their own ways. Aside from the Sonny & Cher banner, Cher also tries her hand at being a solo singer. With her first two albums ("All I Really Want To Do", "The Sonny Side Of Chér") she celebrates great successes worldwide. In addition, she has a keen sense for extravagant fashion and a tendency towards excessive lifestyle. TV shows, award nominations and sold-out concert halls: at the end of the sixties, Cher was at the top.

But the deep fall is not long in coming. Her husband puts a lot of money on fake horses, and so Sonny & Cher fight against financial ruin with numerous Las Vegas appearances in variety theaters and nightclubs. The year 1974 ended with fun: Cher divorced her husband. From then on, the singer presented herself as a lone fighter - with success. No matter what the artist tackles: in the end everyone applauds. It doesn't matter whether it's another album, a big live tour or acting, to which the artist devoted herself increasingly in the mid-seventies. Everything sparkles. Everything shines. Everything fits.

In the eighties Cher is musically a little quieter. Her career as a serious actress is in the foreground. This peaked in 1988 when Cher received an Oscar for her role in the movie "Moonstruck". At least now, Cher is rising to become a megastar. On the one hand, film awards and cover shoots for internationally sought-after fashion magazines pile up, while on the other hand, their albums continue to sell well. The two works "Cher" (1987) and "Heart of Stone" (1989) alone sell over 20 million copies worldwide.

Even in the nineties, the singer does not give up. In 1998 she once again welcomed from the top of the charts with the single "Believe" and cemented her status as an inviolable world star. Three years later, the 24th studio album, "Living Proof", was released, followed by an international farewell tour.

The new millennium is all about exquisite TV appearances and bombastic Las Vegas shows. Only in 2012 does Cher venture back into the studio to record another album: "After the Farewell tour, I let the music be music. But at some point my manager started to get on my nerves. He called and said: 'Cher, are you crazy! Please go to the studio! ' Originally it was supposed to be a couple of songs, now it's an album", reported the singer in the late summer of 2013.

"Closer To The Truth" will be released in 2013. The album "only" reached number three on the Billboard charts, but that doesn't bother those responsible: "Of course you are happy about every further number one album. But I think that a top three album after an eleven year break in the studio can definitely be seen as a success."