What are some examples of primitive technology

Current YouTube trends: primitive technology, the Ugly to Beauty Challenge and let followers decide

Creative fun

From summer 2017 to summer 2018, the viewing time of Ugly To Beauty Challenge videos increased 4.5-fold.2 This trend is a good example of how YouTube is fueling the creative imagination and driving users to create something completely new. It also reflects the specific interests of female gamers on YouTube. It also shows that it's worth looking for interesting overlaps between YouTube categories - such as beauty and gaming - that you don't necessarily associate with each other.

3. Followers decide on videos

When social media didn't exist, fans had limited opportunities to interact with influencers. But thanks to features like live video or comment sections, it's now easier than ever for fans to communicate with your favorite YouTubers. The current trend of letting the followers decide goes one step further and lets them determine the daily routine of a YouTuber.

And this is how it works

The YouTubers conduct a survey among their followers and ask for inspiration and ideas for the next day. The target audience can suggest anything - from hair coloring to travel destinations to dishes that YouTubers should try. YouTuber Meredith Foster's channel is usually all about beauty and fashion. But she lets her followers decide which food to order at the drive-in counter of the fast-food restaurant In-N-Out Burger.

The video recorded in the car is uploaded to YouTube. Followers can be inspired by this real-time experience and then immediately experience the effects of their collaboration with YouTubers.