Pakistan begins to reduce its corruption

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Foreign Minister Maas traveled to Pakistan on Tuesday (March 12th). The country has a vital role to play in easing tensions in Afghanistan and across the region. When it took office last year, the Islamabad government emphasized that it wanted to improve relations with its neighboring countries. Pakistan plays a key role, particularly with regard to the peace process for Afghanistan.

Improve relationships with neighbors

Foreign Minister Maas held talks with Prime Minister Khan and Foreign Minister Qureshi in the capital, Islamabad. The program also included an exchange with socially committed Pakistani men and women and a visit to a clinic for Afghan refugees.

Defuse tensions

The recent tensions between Pakistan and India show that the goal of regional rapprochement is not an easy one. The situation between the two nuclear powers had recently come to a head as a result of a terrorist attack with more than 40 dead in the Indian-administered part of Kashmir. Both countries have a great responsibility to avoid an escalation and to settle the disputes peacefully through dialogue. From a German perspective, the fight against cross-border terrorism also plays an important role.

Germany supports reforms

With more than 200 million inhabitants, Pakistan is the sixth largest country in the world. The population continues to grow rapidly. Almost two thirds of Pakistanis are under 30 years of age. Germany therefore has a great interest in democratic and stable development in the country. The Federal Government therefore supports the ambitious reform efforts of the new Pakistani government. Central topics are better education and health care as well as economic development and the fight against corruption.

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